Legal Awards 2019

8 APAC / 2019 Legal Awards , Grandall Law Firm Best Full-Service Commercial Law Firm - China Sep19124 Widely regarded as one of the largest and best transnational partnership lawfirms in China, Grandall Law Firm is the country’s leading, full-service corporate and commercial law firm. As part of APAC’s Legal Awards, we examine the firm to understandmore about their corporate and commercial work. Operating with offices strategically located across China, as well as representative international offices in Hong Kong SAR, Paris, Madrid, Silicon Valley, Stockholm and New York, Grandall Law Firm is one of China’s leading transnational partnership law firms. Employing more than three thousand individuals, the firm’s workforce includes licensed attorneys, foreign counsels, paralegals, secretaries, administrative and supporting staff. Grandall, founded more than twenty years ago, has been consistently ranked amongst the top law firms across the Asia-Pacific region by leading legal publications such as Chambers Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific Legal 500, China Business Law Journal and many others. Many of the firm’s legal experts and professionals are highly-recognised as top practitioners in their chosen fields of specialisation, with a large number of foreign counsels who bridge the gap between the East and West societies. Making full use of the firm’s specialised workforce, Grandall operates across a wide legal practice area that covers many different legal arenas. Those areas include finance, securities, corporate matters, M&A, reorganization, cross-border investment, international trade, intellectual property, wealth management, dispute resolution and many others. Within some areas, such as investment and capital markets, the firm has taken a leading position and topped relevant rankings for years. By offering such a wide variety of corporate and commercial areas of legal practice, Grandall have firmly established themselves as a leader in full-service provision. Committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of its client, the firm maintains social fairness and justice, delivering on its social responsibilities as a legal practice. With honesty and brilliant intelligence, lawyers at Grandall offer professional advice that develop the legal, economic ad industrial businesses of China, actively partaking in the discussion and formulation of policies and legislation. The firm’s development in recent years has relied upon staff consistently delivering on key principles of the company. Compliance, loyalty, diligence, fulfilling commitments, pursuing perfection, excellence, prudence, independence, efficiency, decisiveness, and dedication to work are just some of the reasons that Grandall has experienced such high levels of continued success for more than two decades. Having established itself as one of China’s leading legal firms, Grandall has also been instrumental in the implementation of the country’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to connect Asia with Africa and Europe via land and maritime networks. Dedicated to improving regional integration, increasing trade and stimulating economic growth, the BRI has seen Grandall participate in large numbers of major investment and M&A projects across several countries. Drawing on their extensive experience in outbound legal services, Grandall have been actively engaged in providing legal services related to the BRI, further strengthening relationships and communication with other countries and their legal entities. Providing strong support for the initiative, a large number of the firm’s lawyers have become specialists on the BRI having written books and worked extensively on it. Successfully being a leader in full-service corporate and commercial law for more than twenty years, the achievements of Grandall are nothing short of remarkable. With the BRI providing more opportunities for excellence than ever before, this law firm are proving invaluable in Asia’ expansion of trade and global collaboration. Company: Grandall Law Firm Contact: Lisa Wu Website: “Providing strong support for the initiative, a large number of the firm’s lawyers have become specialists on the BRI having written books and worked extensively on it.”