Legal Awards 2019

6 APAC / 2019 Legal Awards , Foyle Legal , Contact Details: Company: Foyle Legal Contact: Christian Foyle Website: May19258 Best Personal Injury Law Firm - Western Australia Supporting clients with work injury claims, car accident injury claims, and other negligence related injury claims, Foyle Legal is able to offer specialist, award-winning service that will ensure every client receives the settlement they deserve. As we showcase some of this year’s APAC Legal Awards winners we offer an overview of the firmand the services it has to offer. Established in 2012 by Christian Foyle, Foyle Legal has since grown into a well- recognised brand by industry peers and appreciated by its discerning clients. Today, the firm offers a No Win No Fee legal solution for personal injury claims and TPD claims, and fixed fee legal service for service wills. This innovative No Win No Fee solution means clients do not need to pay upfront legal fees. Most of the firm’s legal fees will be paid by the insurance company once a claim is successfully made. There will be no contingency fees, no percentage fees and the firm’s team try their best to recover most of their legal fees and costs from the insurer to ensure that clients enjoy a quality experience for as little up-front cost as possible. Such a focus on supporting claimants is what sets Foyle Legal apart from its competitors and has made the firm the epitome of quality personal injury law. The firm now has a has proven track record for getting its clients a better compensation pay-out amount in full range of injury compensation claims. Over the years, Foyle Legal has helped hundreds of clients to recover millions in injury compensation pay-outs. Throughout the years to come the firm will remain dedicated to supporting even more claimants and helping them to enjoy the same exceptional service that its clients have come to rely on.