Legal Awards 2019

4 APAC / 2019 Legal Awards Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. , Contact Details: Company: Ashok Dhingra Associates Contact: Ashok Dhingra Website: Aug19189 Best Customs & Trade Tax Law Firm - India Founded in 2014, Ashok Dhingra Associates (ADA) is a professional services firmoffering wide range of legal services across India. The firm’s objective is to enhance value for clients by focusing on innovative and practical solutions that can be implemented. Delivering services through highly trained professionals, the team blend their expertise with the needs of clients whilst maintaining an uncompromising focus on quality and ethical practice. ADA follows no relative policy to attract best talent. As a winner in this year’s APAC Legal Awards, discover what makes this firmone of the best customs and trade tax lawfirms in India. The firm was founded by Ashok Dhingra, a highly-respected attorney who is an authority across India on GST, indirect taxes, customs and trade laws, export controls, and sanctions. ADA provides a full spectrum of litigation, advisory, and compliance support services in three major areas; the customs and trade group, the goods and services tax group, and the white- collar crimes, investigations and regulatory group. With more than 43 years experiences, Ashok is well- equipped to deal with any and all cases that cross his desk. His experience includes working in Indian customs for more than twenty-two years and over twenty years with consulting firms such as Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and law firms Khaitan & Co. and J. Sagar Associates. Ashok is one of few professionals in the country who carries with him the experience of having worked on both sides of table, and with both accounting and law firms. As a result, ADA presents clients with the unique advantage of providing business solutions whilst keeping in mind possible responses of authorities on contentious issues. Constantly staying at the front of industry developments, Ashok and Sonia completed training on GST in Canada, which has been introduced in India on July 1, 2017. Ashok leads the white-collar crimes, investigations and regulatory group, which provides advisory services to clients in FCPA and ethical violation investigations, foreign exchange management issues, data security, privacy, retention, encryption and movement. The team at ADA assist clients in all manner of areas. Ashok and the team regularly advise clients in raid or investigations by tax, trade and regulatory authorities, briefing and debriefing employees, assisting in taking a position on key issues of those investigations. Using his extensive experience, Ashok also advises clients on export and import policies, and sanctions under the foreign trade policy, regularly appearing in high and supreme courts as an arguing council on tax and trade matters. Sonia Gupta, co-founder of ADA, is a chartered accountant and attorney who primarily focuses on customs and trade laws including export/import controls and sanctions, foreign trade policies, and regulatory laws, providing clients with advisory and litigation services. Her work ranges from being able to assist clients with determination of arms’ length price in case of transaction with associated enterprises, classification and country of origin rules, investigations for levy of anti-dumping/ countervailing/ safeguard duties before the Director General Trade Remedies, etc. and appeals and arguing at hearings before Tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court. Smita, co-founder of ADA, advises large multinational clients under GST on a wide range of services including liability to pay tax, eligibility to input tax credit, day to day compliances and reworking the supply chain for efficiency and compliance, and to drafting compliance manuals. Partners of ADA are writing many well-received articles of key indirect tax, GST, Export Controls, Dual Use Technologies, Ease of Doing Business, and other contemporary issues. Ultimately, the success of ADA is down the breadth of knowledge and expertise they offer across such a wide range of legal arenas. Taking their over seventy years’ combined experience and putting the client first, this legal firm are extremely proficient in working alongside clients to achieve the best results possible through their unrivalled knowledge of the law.