Legal Awards 2018

7 APAC / 2018 Legal Awards , Founded in 2014 in Queensland, today AGC Lawyers is well known as a vibrant, professional and fast growing comprehensive law firm. The firm’s expertise includes Property Law, Commercial Law, Litigation Law, immigration law, mergers and acquisitions, financial securities, labour relations, admiralty law, criminal law, family law and litigation and arbitration. AGC Lawyers values people, loyalty, ambition and professionalism, and as such all of its staff work hard to ensure excellence for every client they support. For these clients, the firm offers a range of solutions, with practice areas covered including LG180002 Best International Business Law Firm – Australia AGC Lawyers is a vibrant, professional and fast-growing comprehensive law firm and one of the biggest Asian law firms on the Gold Coast. We profile the firm to find out more about the secrets behind its success. Migration Law; Real Estate and Construction; Family Law; Business and Commercial Lease; Corporate and Cross- Border; Litigation and Arbitration; Compensation Law; Finance and Securities; Global Practice; and Retail and Consumer. As a result of this vast service offering the practice has many customers from overseas, especially China. As a multicultural firm, the team at AGC Lawyers is able to understand its clients’ culture and language, with a team that can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, English, and Hokkian professionally to ensure efficient and sufficient information exchange. This multilingual workforce ensures that the practice has no problem communicating with different clients from around the world. Being based in the APAC region, the team come into contact with a variety of different cultures and languages and work hard to ensure that they offer them a unique service which meets their needs no matter where they originate from. Each member of AGC Lawyers’ team is very dedicated to their role, as they spend a lot of time in researching, discussing and analysing. It is very rewarding when they see their clients have left the firm with a smile and have their problem solved. Thanks, and recognition from clients are always welcome and showcase the success of the firm’s innovative, client focused approach to legal support. Operating in the ever-evolving legal industry, AGC Lawyers has to work hard to ensure that it remains at the forefront of emerging market developments. Among these currents is the recent announcement by the Queensland government that it plans to more than double the ‘Additional Foreign Acquirer Duty’ for foreign property investors from 3 to 7% from 1 July 2018. The increase in AFAD is only a part of the Government’s plans to achieve those goals, only time will tell of the benefits reaped outweigh the potential decrease in foreign investment. As AGC Lawyers is largely focus on the foreign investor, this might have potential impact on their business as there could be a decrease of potential investors. However, the team at AGC Lawyers believe it would be the same impact on all industries, especially the real estate market would experience reduced level of activity. As such, they see this as an opportunity, rather than a challenge, and will be seeking to continue to drive excellence and prove themselves to be the best possible option for their clients over the coming years in order to build upon the practice’s already impressive success. Over the past year, AGC Lawyers has established long term relationships and collaboration platform with many law firms. The firm provide legal advice to these multinational clients acquiring, managing and divesting Australian Investment. It is a platform to corporate with multinational firms across the country and overseas. Accordingly, the firm is now looking to expand and build upon this incredible success. As part of this, moving forward the firm will place more focus on adopting business strategies and practices from other sectors to develop sustainable competitive advantages for the practice. The team at AGC Lawyers earnestly strive to meet their clients’ needs, and most take steps to ensure highly responsive and attentive communication with clients and are able to field requests at a moment’s notice. This focus on quality and expansion will remain central to the firm’s approach over the years to come. Company: AGC Lawyers Contact: Rocky Ho Address: Shop 2109, Southport Central Tower 2D, 5 Lawson Street, Southport, QLD 4215, Australia Phone: 0061 07 5636 9210 Email: [email protected] Web Address: Rocky Ho, Solicitor, AGC Lawyers AGC Lawyers