Legal Awards 2018

16 APAC / 2018 Legal Awards , Specialising in trademark applications for foreign customers, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office works alongside clients to ensure success. The firm works predominantly on applications for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, which are submitted to the Japan Patent Office from both Japanese and foreign customers. The majority of trademark applications will be allowed for registrations, if pre-application search of conflicting trademarks is done. As such, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office provides pre- application search and keeps the ratio of allowance high. In cases of office actions for rejection, for foreign customers, it is important to understand Japan’s unique legal rules and to take actions accordingly when required, and LG180004 Patent Attorney of the Year 2018 - Tokyo Drawing on the vast experience of its team, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office is an innovative patent law specialist offering a range of services for a variety of clients. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the role Director and Patent Attorney Hiroshi Kaneko has had in its success. therefore the firm is committed to explaining to clients and making them understand what they need. Additionally, responsiveness is vitally important when working with patent firms. When clients want to file a trademark, they always benefit from a faster process, and therefore Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office in principle file trademarks within 24 hours from the order. As a result of this collaborative, swift approach, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office has obtained many foreign partner patent firms with mutual trust. Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office filed 735 trademarks in the first half of year 2018; ranked 6th among all Japanese patent firms. To ensure that clients receive the full benefit of the firm’s expertise, all patent applications go through Director Hiroshi Kaneko. The fact that Hiroshi Kaneko takes care of everything is good for keeping the high level of services, as an experienced patent attorney is in tough with every applications and other matters. It is also valuable to keep quick responses. Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office is free from communication overheads within the company, which damagingly decrease speed. These are based on Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office’s principle, “behave based on customer’s view” . Based on this principle, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office provides full support for intellectual properties, and a fee schedule based on customer’s Company: Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office Contact: Hiroshi Kaneko Email : [email protected] Address: 2nd Floor, Nishi Shinkuk GF Building, 8-3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023, Japan Phone: 0081 3 6869 8186 Website: value. With regard to full support for intellectual properties, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office provides supports for all of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, about applications and possible disputes with other persons. Customers can consult on everything to Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office and do not need to manage plural patent firms depending on issues. This is convenient for small companies. Once they have explained their business, Tokyo Kaneko Patent office shall conduct services for the whole business. No repetitious explanation is required. With regard to fee schedule based on customer’s value, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office provides a fee schedule weighted on success awards; i.e. fees for works before getting result is small and realistic payment will be charged after obtaining satisfying results. When undertaking trademark requests, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office accepts application requests written in not only by Japanese language, but also by English language, without translation fees. This makes it easier for foreign applications and means that all customers can save their time for translation and obtain rights quickly. For patents, utility models and designs, translation fees are necessary, but English documents are easy to prepare. This client focused approach ensures that everyone who works alongside Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office receives the support and service they need to successfully file their patent or trademark. With regards to the future, Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office remains focused on providing its clients with high-quality support that will meet their needs in this fast paced market. Short application times and strong support remain the firm’s core focuses as it looks towards a bright future filled with possibilities. Tokyo Kaneko Patent Office