Legal Awards 2018

12 APAC / 2018 Legal Awards , MIA Contract Lawyers has a lean and agile team of senior practitioners, each with well in excess of a decade’s experience in negotiating and drafting contracts. The firm’s largest client is Apotex, the leading generic pharmaceutical supplier in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the firm has a base of many small to medium size corporates in various industries, a list that is growing weekly, LG180028 Best Contracting & Contract Negotiation Firm 2018 MIA Contract Lawyers is a boutique, commercial legal practice, located in the heart of the café district in Lygon Street in Carlton, Australia. We spoke to Founder Martin Algie to learn more about the firmand the services it provides. which is testimony to the level of excellence that the firm offers. Martin explores the firm’s philosophy and how he draws on his vast experience to lead the company to success. “The MIA Contract Lawyers approach to drafting contracts is to provide clients with a document that achieves its commercial objective, whilst using our extensive experience to minimise the risk of dispute. We see too many lawyers who produce contracts that expose their clients to delay and expensive disputes, possibly the risk of not getting what they contracted for, because important matters are left unaddressed or, if addressed, lack the clarity that would otherwise protect the client. It does not matter if the client is in Melbourne or Mumbai. “Personally, I have immense experience negotiating contracts and disputes, amongst other things being a lead negotiator for the Northern Territory government on $100 million plus health-related contracts. As an alumni of the Harvard Negotiation Institute, I am also capable of finding solutions, whether in the negotiation of contracts or disputes, often creating value that was not initially on the table. These solutions and the tactics and strategies we adopt break down or at least address any resistance from counterparties,