Legal Awards 2017

6 APAC / Legal Awards 2017 , LG170008 Best Full-Service Law Firm – Australia Rostron Carlyle is amarket leading full service lawfirmwith offices throughout Australia. We spoke to the Firm’s Partners to discuss winning this recent award and find out a bit more about the firm. Rostron Carlyle was established in 2001 and has since grown to become one of Australia’s leading commercial and personal law specialists. Today, the firm employs more than 100 staff across Australia with offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The firm is led by eight partners who oversee the specialist practice areas of the firm including corporate, commercial, property, litigation, insolvency and construction matters through to a wide range of personal legal services including injury law, criminal law, migration law, family law and wills and estates. The Partners provide us with an overall view of the firm and the services it provides. “At Rostron Carlyle, we have a reputation for providing innovative and progressive legal solutions across a wide range of business sectors. Both domestic and international clients are an integral part of our practice and we provide a full range of legal expertise to clients establishing, maintaining or expanding businesses. We also provide our services to clients who are seeking investment activities in Australia. We have close association with local and state governments, many leading allied professional companies and finance institutions to assist our clients in any property or business ventures.” Part of being a successful law firm is keeping clients happy. The Partners are keen to point out that the firm’s ability to build and maintain relationships with clients is integral to the team being able to learn and adapt to the industry globally. Staff are multi-lingual which helps the firm with its global reach to clients. “Besides our legal expertise, our experiences and long- standing relationships with clients throughout Asia allow us to understand the way business works globally, while also ensuring we have a firm grasp on commercial realities across cultures and borders. “This means that we can deliver practical solutions incorporating our technical expertise in our client’s best interests. We are also experts in assisting clients in bridging the language and cultural barriers with professional staff fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Russian.” Covering a variety of areas, the firm’s extensive experience in an assortment of legal issues is front and centre according to the Partners. Always looking to provide value for clients, the lawyers at the firm can offer a great service no matter what the circumstance. Below is a brief outline of some of the services that Rostron Carlyle provide to clients. “Essentially, we have extensive experience in a variety of legal issues and strive to deliver value through technical advice and tactical guidance. Our lawyers are business-minded and knowledgeable and can offer and implement effective strategies for whatever our clients’ circumstances or goals. With regard to the firm’s client service, we hear how Rostron Carlyle ensures that the team provide the best possible service to its clients. Taking a personal approach to each case and client is something that helps attract clients and makes sure they are well looked after. Good business can sometimes come through word of mouth and so providing only the best service can help attract the best clients. “What sets Rostron Carlyle apart is their personal approach to every client and case. All lawyers and support staff place a high importance on relating with and empathising with their clients, regardless of their legal issue. This attitude has been the cornerstone of their growth and success in building strong client relationships over the past 16 years. One size does not fit all at Rostron Carlyle, as we focus on obtaining the best results in the timeliest manner possible.” Providing a good service often comes about from a healthy working environment and internal culture within firms. Each Partner commended the exceptionally talented team at Rostron Carlyle and how each area has its own specific team in which all ideas and thoughts are shared about. This internal culture and the firm’s people skills are what sets the firm apart from competitors within the industry, according to the Partners. They say maintaining strong client relationships is a key part of ensuring continued success as a leading law firm. “Rostron Carlyle prides itself on its talented and diverse team including accredited specialists and industry experts. The firms eight partners ensure they provide a challenging yet enjoyable workplace for their employees devoid of politics and bureaucracy. Each practice area has a team design which allows each member to contribute to the firm’s overall growth and success. Ensuring there are frequent team activities and opportunities provided for ongoing training and growth are both key to maintaining Rostron Carlyle’s strong team culture. “Ultimately, what helps us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors is our people skills. Our professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences and can truly relate to our clients. We offer confidence and peace of mind. “Relaxed professionalism” is the Rostron Carlyle approach and the cornerstone of our success. We focus on what matters to our clients and speak their language. We take great pride in the long- term relationships we build with our clients.