Legal Awards 2017

4 APAC / Legal Awards 2017 , LG170001 Best Property Law Boutique – Australia Napoleon and Richard Legal is a boutique lawfirm located on Spring Street in the Sydney CBD, whichwas established in early August 2015. We invited LeonMazarakis to talk us through the services the firmprovides. Napoleon and Richard Legal is built on strong principles and prides itself on providing premium legal services to its clients. The firm specialises in thinking outside of the box and finding practical, cost effective and sustainable solutions. The company specialises in property and commercial transactions, with over 25 years of experience within the firm. Leon talks us through some of the services that the law firm provides. “Currently, we perform 300+ conveyances annually on average across Australia, focusing on expedited settlements with maximum benefit to our clients. Alongside this, we also work in commercial services such as business purchases and sales, leases and franchise agreements as well as estate planning and administration.” Leon goes on to explain the main practice area of the firm, discussing the projects the firm worked on and how the firm has benefitted from practising within property law. “The firm’s main practice area is within property law. In the last year or so, we have completed both sale and purchase matters within Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Focusing on property within the legal sector has allowed us to form partnerships with multiple buyer’s agents, as well as real estate agents. This has allowed us to get a unique understanding of the inner workings of the industry as well as the necessary contacts to ensure we can negotiate fantastic results for our clients” Ensuring that the firm can provide the best possible service to its clients, Leon describes how the staff work hard to understand the clients’ needs. The emphasis from start to finish is always on the client, with the team looking to build positive relationships with clients, rather than just be team of lawyers, as Leon points out below. “At Napoleon and Richard Legal, we believe that we are more than just lawyers. We understand our client’s needs in the real world. Our team has decades of experience in several market- relevant sectors which allows us to provide you with holistic yet target specific advice. We look to perpetuate quality over quantity. As such, when our clients join us, we look to become their partner and focus on providing continuous support as their requirements change. We place the emphasis on our client, and as a result, look beyond a typical lawyer/client relationship.” Following on from how the company provides the best service to clients, staff must all work together to provide this service. Leon discusses the internal culture within the company, noting that the team love to help those who need assistance. “The culture within Napoleon and Richard Legal is one which focuses on mutual respect, trust, and team work. For the best possible outcomes to occur, we have acknowledged that we must work as a team. This is maintained by facilitating communication within the team, as well as strategising in order to reach future goals. “The most rewarding aspect of working in the legal sector is helping those that require assistance. Often, legal procedures may be seen as daunting, which is where a solicitor can assist. A competent solicitor can explain the issue/ task in a more simplified manner, which in turn provides comfort to the individuals involved.” Setting themselves apart from competitors in the legal sector is important if the firm are to attract the best business. The number of return clients for the firm is something Leon is to keen point out, highlighting that if a client returns to the firm, then they are usually more than happy with the services. “The main aspect which sets us apart from our competitors within the legal sector is our dedication to our clients. There have been many times where we have gone the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services. An example of how this is used to our advantage is our ability to attract referrals and repeat business from clients, which is a reflection of their overall satisfaction with our services. If a client is truly satisfied with our services, they will always return when they require further legal assistance.” With regard to the future, Leon discusses the firm’s future plans, including expansion of the firm and how the company will integrate technology into the firm’s services. “Looking ahead, we plan on growing our team and firm. We are striving to work with more individuals within the real estate industry, which will assist us by providing continual growth within the property law sector. Further to this, we are developing an app that puts the end user in control of their matter, with information on demand. “There are key developments which are surfacing within the legal sector. These developments refer to the operation of a law firm. Rather than going down the path of a traditional law firm, a ‘New Law firm’ sets itself apart in the following key ways: Using new technologies, including cloud based systems, and encouraging flexible working. We also offer alternative pricing strategies and increased flexibility and agility.