Legal Awards 2017

24 APAC / Legal Awards 2017 , Arkhurst & Abdellah are British lawyers who have brought affordable legal services and innovative changes to legal landscape in the UAE. Jennifer discusses the firm’s diverse client base and how it aims to offer the very highest standards of service to everyone it works with. “Providing a variety of services, the vast majority of our clients here at Arkhurst & Abdellah are start-ups and SME’s business owners from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, European countries, Mauritius and Africa. We also act as advisers on bespoke projects for prominent local families in the UAE. To support LG170026 Best UAE Tax Law Firm – UAE & Most Influential Woman in Commercial Law 2017 Arkhurst & Abdellah Solicitors has become the legal firmof choice for a large number of start-ups SME’s in the UAE. We spoke to Jennifer Arkhurst, Managing Partner to find out more about the firmand explore the secrets behind its success. them, our approach is to be different, exceed expectations, apply Western standards to our services and offer fixed fees to enable clients to budget for legal services.” Focusing on corporate and commercial law, Jennifer describes what opportunities these areas have presented her with. Noting her experience, she talks about the thriving business community and how the UAE is the best place to set up a business. “Throughout my career of as a lawyer over the last 18 years, I have practiced exclusively as a corporate and commercial lawyer, hence my firm focuses on providing services in this area of law to the business community. The UAE has a thriving business community and is one of the best and easiest places to set up a business. There are several overseas companies that are setting up branch businesses here as well as start-ups, all of whom need support with structuring their businesses, knowledge of the local law and assistance with minimising business risk.” Ultimately, Jennifer details what she believes sets Arkhurst & Abdellah apart from competitors in the legal sector, and how the firm uses this to their advantage. Jennifer hopes to capitalise on its ongoing success by expanding its offerings and form partnerships in other countries. “Overall, we set up our business at a time when legal services were not easily affordable by several entrepreneurs, and particularly services from Western trained lawyers. Capitalising on this, we listened to the small business owners, met the demand at the time and shortly thereafter attracted the attention of the local press, which has afforded us many exciting opportunities which we are keen to take advantage of moving forward.”