Legal Awards 2017

22 APAC / Legal Awards 2017 , Allygroup are a team of lawyers who help clients to obtain maximum value from their legal spend and obtain maximum efficiency from the firm’s legal team. Whether it be assisting clients with legal project management, or helping them to find the right lawyer or paralegal for the team, the company aims are simple, as staff work hard to ensure clients obtain value for money. At Allygroup, the senior management team have extensive experience of running large-scale litigation and major transactions for both corporate and government clients. Unlike generalist management consultants, staff work only in the legal sector. Its unique set LG170021 Best Legal Management Consultancy Firm - Australia Allygroup is a specialist legal management consultancy with a team of experienced lawyers and specialist management consultants. We profiled the firmas we explore the secrets behind its achievements and success. of management tools takes into account the legal principles that drive litigation and transactional work. Holding a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors, staff have all previously worked in law firms, as in-house counsel or in the government sector, with some of the team in very senior roles. As a result, the team understand the legal profession and what clients are looking for from their legal service providers. Given its sterling reputation, it is no surprise that the firm attracts the best business. Allygroup has a proven track record of helping some of Australia’s leading businesses and government agencies achieve better value from their legal spend. Additionally, the firm also provides legal management consulting advice, which includes improving the way in which in-house teams and external legal service providers interact. Allygroup attempts to improve the efficiency of the in-house legal team, and control legal spend by using the informed purchaser model. It also designs and embeds legal services panels, utilising alternative resourcing models to reduce legal costs. Fundamentally, what makes the firm different from others within the industry is the inspiration and mission behind the company’s work. Allygroup was established because the team want to make a difference. The ideas behind the company is that they believe that the traditional model for providing legal advice often fails to deliver value for money, and that there is a better way to practise law and deliver legal services. Lastly, all staff and clients receive training with regard to the informed purchaser model, and manage legal panels in a way that achieves better service and value, making Allygroup the perfect option for new and existing clients.