Legal Awards 2017

20 APAC / Legal Awards 2017 , After completing his secondary schooling in Melbourne at the Ivanhoe Grammar School, Evan relocated to the Gold Coast to commence his tertiary studies at Bond University. At just 29 years old he became partner of a boutique law firm on the Gold Coast and just three years later started his own practice, Cooper Maloy Legal. Whilst not knowing exactly where his passion for the justice system came from, it was the thought of an innocent person sitting in jail that paved the path to Cooper Maloy Legal now being referred to as one of Queensland’s leading Family and Criminal law firms. Evan explains how the job is necessary as he works to secure justice for his clients, believing everybody should be given a fair chance. “Although at times my work can be distasteful, it is absolutely necessary, therefore here at Cooper Maloy Legal we work hard to support everyone we represent. The law is the law and all people have the right to be represented fairly. I have never been interested in finding the easy road; some of our clients LG170022 Best De Facto Relationship Law Firm – Queensland & Criminal Law Director of the Year 2017 – Queensland CooperMaloy Legal provides Family and De Facto Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation and Estate work but it is the work in the Domestic Violence and Criminal Law sector that has allowed them to surge away fromothers andmake their mark. With an internal mantra of not shying away from the tough stuff, we talk to owner Evan Cooper about life as a lawyer and discover there are more layers to this impressive law practice andman thanmeets the eye. are often the most vulnerable people in society and the role of my practice is to help.” Cooper Maloy Legal is currently one of only a handful of firms in Queensland to offer daily duty lawyer services in both the criminal and domestic violence jurisdictions; a big but necessary step. Evan explains why he takes his role so seriously. Evan believes that this pressure is the hardest part of the job but also adds that there a variety of roles combined which can be difficult to balance. “One of the biggest luxuries we take for granted, especially in Australia, is freedom. Our role can influence whether a person retains their right to this luxury. That is a big responsibility. The need to be a counsellor, advisor, and social worker in addition to being a lawyer can be challenging.” Currently impacting the firm are significant changes in domestic violence law. The cases never seem to end, as the line is muddled on what domestic abuse entails in the eyes of some. Evan points out the firm is readily available to help those who struggle. Its 24/7 service is obviously an attractive offering to clients, and Evan goes on to explain what else he believes helps set the firm apart. “It is a never-ending book. People are now confused as to what actually constitutes domestic violence and what their rights are. Cooper Maloy Legal has responded by being available 24/7 in response to the increased demands of a confused society. “It always comes back to a desire to help. We start from the ground up by empowering our team with knowledge; intimate and updated knowledge of the law and as importantly, knowledge about every single client that walks through our door.” Regarding its hiring structure, the company regularly takes on work experience students, with most of them going on to become employees. The team, the 24/7 availability, the duty lawyer services and the bold recent move to adapt by offering the option of a fixed price service has made a significant difference to the firm whilst decreasing the stress levels of their clients, something Evan alludes to below. “It is quite an archaic practice to charge people to speak to them, read an email, print an email etc. This breeds dissatisfaction. We want to focus on the actual problem and seek to find a fair solution. This is what we charge for. It allows people to know what they are up for and provides a better, time efficient strategy from which to deal with it” In the past year, Cooper Maloy Legal has stopped at least two men from spending a decade in jail for Domestic Violence related cases that were, as it turns out, a complete fabrication. Evan concludes by outlining how the firm supported these clients through their trial. “That could have been years in jail, and the stigma that attaches to that, for doing nothing wrong. It is ensuring that those people receive the best possible representation and result is one of the most satisfying aspect of the job.” Overall, with clients stemming from all over Australia, expansion is definitely on the cards for Cooper Maloy Legal as the firm looks towards a bright and exciting future.