Legal Awards 2017

10 APAC / Legal Awards 2017 , OT MedicoLegal are a family business with a focus on client service. The management team try to engender a positive and happy workplace and give performance feedback regularly to their staff. As a small business, the team have learnt to trust its staff with their responsibilities and foster a workplace where staff contribute positively and have some ownership of the overall success of the business. Nancy tells us about some of the clients the firm deals with as well as listing some of the services that the company can provide these clients with. “The company’s main clients are legal firms who refer their personal injury clients to us for assessment. The majority of our clients have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, although we do see injuries resulting from workplace accidents, medical negligence, exposure to dust or other chemicals, etc. We also do assessments for total and permanent impairment, worksite LG170006 Best for Injury Compensation Assessments - Queensland OTMedicoLegal is a smallOccupational Therapymedicolegal firmbased inBrisbane, Australia. We invitedNancy Stephenson, Owner and Senior Occupational Therapist to tell us more about the company. assessments and ergonomic assessments. The unbiased opinion of an experienced Occupational Therapist is extremely beneficial in assisting courts to determine the impact of the illness or injury on a person’s life in particular the impact on their home, work and leisure activities. As Occupational Therapists, we identify the client’s needs for the court in relation to the injury.” In the medico legal field it is all about the client. Ensuring the client is happy and comfortable is vital in the business and Nancy tells us about how her company’s approach to client service, as well as discussing how it ensures that it provides the best possible reports for the Law Firms. “Regarding our approach to client service, we attach utmost importance, both to the referring law firms and to their individual clients. Clients are treated with dignity, respect, empathy and confidentiality. We try to create an environment where the individual client is relaxed and comfortable and therefore more willing to discuss their injury experience with us. This leads to better information for our reports. “Constantly looking to improve, we regularly seek feedback regarding the content of our reports to ensure that they are relevant. We accommodate urgent appointment requests at short notice. We try to produce our reports as quickly as possible as often opinions are sought urgently.” Nancy tells us that it is quite exciting working in the legal sector. She notes that it can be challenging and intimidating but also intellectually stimulating, something the staff enjoy. The fact that the firm relish a challenge helps to set them apart from its competitors in the legal sector, as well as the unique services and clients it deals with. Staff are compassionate and boast a wealth of experience, helping the firm to mark itself out as the best possible option for Law Firms looking for quality medico legal reports. “Working in the legal sector is challenging and often intimidating for health providers. At OT MedicoLegal we enjoy the intellectual stimulation required to focus our paramedical and rehabilitation skills towards injury litigation, focussing on a person’s needs as a result of the incident. “Standing out from other similar firms is important to the long term success of the business. We are compassionate and highly experienced occupational therapists and this is reflected in our reports. We have been operating now for almost 30 years and are well known and well respected within the legal and medical fraternity.” Looking ahead, OT MedicoLegal are pressing ahead with their ambition to expand. With more and more research being conducted the firm has purchased a new office and Nancy tells us where the firm is focusing on with regard to the future. There are likely to be some exciting and challenging developments within the wider legal market, as Nancy details, before going on to explain how the company will adapt to these advances.