June 2017

94 APAC / June 2017 , 1701AP42 Fulfilling Potential and Enriching Lives Essential Personnel, one of Australia’s leading providers of disability services. As part of our fascinating CEO of the Year coverage, we turn the spotlight on Essential Personnel’s Chief Executive Officer, TonyMarwick. At Essential Personnel, their key motivation is to put smiles on faces and make a positive difference to individuals with disabilities. Their CEO, Tony Marwick, demonstrates great leadership and has established a workplace culture which creates a harmonious, energised team focussed on achieving the best possible outcomes for clients. Any achievement experienced by one of their clients, is indeed the greatest reward Essential Personnel staff could wish for. Essential Personnel is an incorporated body, being a not-for-profit and charitable organisation, which provides services to people with disabilities. Tony Marwick begins the interview by detailing his own work as the firm’s CEO, plus he shares the organisation’s mission, vision and goals. “I have been the CEO of Essential Personnel since January 2007. I am a recognised as an industry leader and have delivered sessions to other disability providers nationally, that is delivering high quality support as a service provider. I have also been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the West Australian Disability Services Commission for innovation in delivering services to individuals with a disability in regional WA. “Essential Personnel’s vision is to empower individuals with disabilities by fulfilling potential and enriching lives. Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to support people with disabilities, to achieve their goals and aspirations in a person-centred manner. We aim to meet the outcomes identified in funding contracts, including maintaining certification against the Disability Service Standards (DSS), whilst managing disability. “We also endeavour to ensure financial viability through prudent fiscal management, including the enhanced use of information technology and the pursuit of further growth through services in the metropolitan area. Our other goals are to ensure that our brand is recognised as an industry leader and a provider of choice, through client-centred service excellence. To provide a disability service operation in Cambodia to support youth with disabilities - and to maintain a culture that reflects our commitment to people with disabilities through committed staff who share the same vision and focus - are two further goals we stand by strongly.” Essential Personnel is one of Australia’s leading providers of disability services. They are a highly professional and dynamic organisation, with an excellent reputation for delivering individualised, flexible and holistic services in response to the changing needs of clients. Tony is keen to detail their commitment to developing opportunities for people, how the organisation is funded and something of the firm’s dawn in 1989. “Our friendly, caring and passionate staff work as a team to help you make the most of your unique abilities and attributes. At Essential Personnel, we are committed to developing opportunities for people with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment and participate in community activities. We consistently rank in the top 10% of service providers nationally; this outstanding track record is testimony to our desire to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. “Essential Personnel is funded by the Federal Department of Social Services and the Western Australian Disability Services Commission. Essential Personnel prides itself on delivering exceptional service to each individual client and this is reflected in our performance results. Our ability to consistently achieve outstanding results, 4 and 5 star ratings, as assessed by Australia’s Department of Social Services, means that our performance is placed in the top 10% of Disability Employment Services Australia wide. Our Merredin office is currently placed in the top 1% of national disability service providers!” “Essential Personnel was established in 1989 to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Our first office was established in the region of the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia, in response to an identified gap in services to clients with disabilities in remote and regional areas.” Since 1997, Essential Personnel has secured over 1300 jobs for people with intellectual, learning, physical, sensory, psychiatric and neurological disabilities. Tony brings this compelling interview to an end by revealing the nature of the organisation’s client base, the geographic areas they cover and the exciting extension of their services. “These clients are individuals who have a diverse range of skills and abilities and Essential Personnel has assisted them to gain and maintain employment and training of their choice. Today, we are the longest serving employment agency in the Central Wheatbelt area of Western Australia. We have built strong, lasting relationships with employers, community organisations and disability agencies to assist people with disabilities to realise their potential and achieve their dreams and aspirations in employment and life. “At present, our services have expanded to the Perth Metropolitan and Midlands/

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