June 2017

82 APAC / June 2017 , ACE’s starting point is to work with you to identify your assessment criteria. This is often the most insightful part of the process helping you think through the requirements of the role and plan forward. The next step is to discuss with you the best processes and methodologies to meet your needs. We can implement the programme for you as an external resource, or we can train and support you to deliver the tools and processes in-house. As we ourselves operate as a cohesive, global team, we can assure you global consistency, whilst also adapting to local cultures and operational differences. The ACE process, of we work closely with you, is detailed below: • Create the success profile - what must the individual be able to do now? In the future? What cultural values must they have to work effectively in your organisation? • Assess performance and potential - what tools and methodologies best suit the success profile? What are your business needs? What processes best suit these? • Delivery process – will we deliver the assessment for you using ACE’s global team of assessors, or develop your in-house capability through training? • Generate high quality assessment report with substantiated conclusions and advice. This includes a 100-day coaching plan to support new hires and their managers through the induction and initial training period. The benefits are: • Produce a vast range of information about the candidate. This results in better matching of people and roles. • Assess potential. This is especially beneficial for assessing the suitability of people who may have previously been doing something different, are relatively inexperienced, or where the new role represents a big leap forwards. • Gives candidates the experience of parts of a job, greater opportunity to get to know the organisation and its ethos. • Our Talent Assessment Software simplifies the administration process and contains costs. • We have available a wide range of ready-to- use tools for you to build your assessment centres in-house, or come to us for an assessment centre designed bespoke for your organisation. Individual assessment In terms of the individual assessment, our executive assessment process in this vein can be used for selection, succession planning, career and personal development. Comprising a combination of psychometrics, behavioural profiling, business simulations and structured interviewing, an individual assessment measures an individual’s current capability and future potential against your success profile. Fast assessment Fast assessment is essentially a mini version of our assessment centre, or individual assessment programmes. Fast assessment does not compromise on quality and it delivers outstanding value-for-money. It is quick and easy to implement. It is suitable for recruitment, for leadership development, succession and career planning and as a diagnostic for coaching. It gives you a better understanding of your people, for example at times of restructuring, merger and acquisition, or moving into new business areas. It facilitates organisational transformation through a focus on high performance. Virtual business simulation The best way to assess and develop leaders is through real- life simulations and experiences. e-SimulatorTM offers just that – an excellent developmental experience for leaders and precise assessment data for stakeholders to make strategic business decisions about their key talent. The e-SimulatorTM suite extends across the entire leadership span, from frontline managers and high potentials to top executives. Why is e-Simulator™ so successful? • Real-life experience improves assessment accuracy; • Accurate assessment means better decisions in selection, development and resourcing; • Easy administration and easy to use and; • Saves time and costs: no travelling, duration only three hours, though preparation is required. • Focused performance reports for better development plans. This is an immersive, challenging and stimulating experience for delegates that is close to reality. Leadership development In today’s post-recession world, it is vital to competitiveness and growth to have a flexible workforce that adapts rapidly to change and innovation. Our philosophy is that unlocking individual potential enables everyone to contribute in a unique way to organisational goals. It also encourages diversity of ideas, nourishes teams, and it matches the right people to the right jobs. Our highly flexible tools and methodologies enable us to offer you solutions that suit your business needs, whether these are to achieve growth or innovation, offer outstanding career development, achieve organisational transformation, manage change, re-structure, enhance performance, or develop talent pools, or individual leaders. In all cases, we take care to strike the right balance between designing an approach that will work for you globally, but which will also allow individual, local interpretation. We ensure that we provide a stimulating, challenging and fun delegate experience that enhances motivation. We offer ready-to-use, tailored, or completely bespoke solutions for groups, individuals, talent pools, or teams. We can run these as an external resource, or train and support you to use them in-house. Team development Using conventional, or virtual processes, we can help you design team development programmes for a variety of needs. These might range from ‘off-site events’ aimed at giving people an opportunity to get to know one another and discuss business development, to classroom events that develop a consistent and cohesive organisational leadership model, or create shared visions and values, or perhaps help people work better together as a team. Our philosophy here is that classroom, or off-site events should combine learning events that offer people insights about their behaviours and raise their self-awareness, with workshops that focus people on hard business issues. Having fun is also important but we interpret this as developing creative exercises around business issues or organising a great off- duty social event. Two of our flagship products that create outstanding team development opportunity are e-Simulator and our online profiling tool, Iperquest Web. Using e-Simulator gives individuals the opportunity to develop insights about themselves and make personal development plans. Group discussion around the e-Simulator events produces a rich learning experience and helps develop a team approach, whilst at the same time emphasising the value of personal differences. ACE’s products and services can help you meet your diverse talent management needs.

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