June 2017

8 APAC / June 2017 , 1703AP15 Supporting Multinational Companies with Outsourced Enterprise IT Services For over 15 years, SSBG have been supportingMultinational companies with Outsourced Enterprise IT Services. We invited Ervis Micukaj fromSSBG to tell us more about the dynamic company. How was SSBG started? And what was the objective to provide IT Solutions in China? SSBG is an IT Solutions provider focused on Infrastructure and End-User support services for companies operating in Mainland China. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, SSBG is a leading Information Technology (IT) solutions provider for small and medium size enterprises in Mainland China. A one-stop- source to provide Enterprise Grade IT services and supplies required to compete in today’s modern business environment. With almost 2 decades of experience building and supporting Corporate IT Systems, SSBG teams have the background and know-how (PMP, ITIL, Etc) to get the job done right, the first time. “We decided to start an IT company because we saw the need for small to medium size businesses to have qualified computer and network support. These companies had to pay a full-time person to do a part-time job. They wanted assurances that someone would be there if they had a problem. They wanted to keep abreast of current technology. They wanted to eliminate the problem of staff turnover. Using the services of SSBG resolves all of these issues. “In 1999, we started SSBG to provide qualified IT Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses and support their operations in China”, as Ervis explains. “The large international players all had their own dedicated teams that they would simply fly over to build, train and manage systems as needed. Smaller organizations needed the same IT support and professionalism but obviously, could not afford the same investment level. In short, they wanted the international IT (standards, control, efficacy), but they wanted it in a package and budget that better matched their business level here in China. “Unfortunately, more often than not, they found that the existing local support options lacked consistency, transparency or reliability. SSBG was built to make all of that possible and to exceed the expectations of its customers over time. Whether you are a small company trying to develop from a base in China, or you are a large international conglomerate that just wants to operate a small rep office in Asia, SSBG can customize a support solution to fit.” What are the customer challenges that SSBG can solve through its enterprise IT Services? When discussing the various customer challenges that SSBG solves through its enterprise IT services, Ervis touches on trends that their customers request: “All of our customers we support look for a professional IT Service Outsourcing partner in China because of the below issues and our solutions to them: 1. Transparency: Many of our customers come to us because their existing IT systems are a complete mystery to them, and it is stopping them from growing or expanding. Just know what they have and how it is being used gives them an increased level of management comfort. a. Online ticketing system for all issues / requests / projects b. Regular reporting of all critical IT Systems and information – customizable c. Critical Systems Monitoring Portal 2. Control: Many international IT managers have gotten frustrated trying to securely manage IPR or company systems purely by remote from the US or Europe. They need a set of smart hands that they can trust to follow instructions from start to finish without bending to the wishes of local users or management. With SSBG, you set the rules, and we follow them - it is that clear. a. Dedicated Account manager for each customer b. Clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) c. ITIL Based managed escalation process d. Definite Scope of Responsibility / Accountability 3. Language Differences: Multi- lingual Account Management and Technical teams 4. Cultural Differences: Multi- Cultural Management team (American, English, Chinese, Italian) 5. Time-Zone: China Based Support Center able to handle services throughout Asia 6. China Specific IT Systems Expertise: 18+ years encountering and dealing with Business IT issues unique to China “Many companies encounter difficulties managing their Asia IT systems and supporting their users due to language and time zone differences. SSBG provides a single point of contact for offices in the region, where we aggregate issues/requests and either deal with them in the same business day or escalate them appropriately. “Overseas management often lack clarity on how their business systems in China are functioning, and how they are being controlled. Others feel they are NOT in control of their IT security/functionality in China because local managers have very different ideas of IT management. To help our clients regain this control, our Account Managers provide regular issue reporting, manage requests according to stated IT Policies, and control changes based on ITIL standards.

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