June 2017

APAC / June 2017 79 Company: Showkidz Management Name: Terri Svoronos Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.showkidzmanagement.com.au Address: 57/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, Vic 3192 Telephone: +61 1300 799 366 Creating Opportunities for Talent g scouted by a Showkidz Scout. The next step is to have you come into the agency for an initial interview. From here, the goal would be to get you on set and move you in the direction of becoming a model / talent. “After your interview with one of our trusted staff members, you will have a good idea of where we think you would best fit into SK Management. Please be aware with children, their confidence and behaviour will play a big part in the selection process. Additionally, there are no contracts with Showkidz Management - merely an agreement.” “The only thing you will pay for at Showkidz Management is a professional photoshoot and a small fee to be represented on the website. People interested in becoming a model and or talent should understand that they are going to make an investment into their potential career as a model and or actor. “In a trade, you have tools that help you build, in the entertainment industry you have materials such as - pictures (from a professional shoot), comp cards, portfolio book, head shots etc. that will help you build your career. Like any other service you might buy in the real world, the service provider such as a photographer will want to be paid.”

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