June 2017

78 APAC / June 2017 , 1611AP13 Creating Opportunities for Talent ShowkidzManagement is the only agency in Australia that does not charge joining fees – they get paid when you do. As winner of the Australian Business Awards - Best Boutique Talent Agency category, we interviewed Director at ShowkidzManagement Terri Svoronos to find out more. Showkidz Management is a multi-divisional organisation, that specialises in communications, artist education, model and talent management, events coordination and more. Showkidz Management are committed to creating opportunities for their talent to work in TV, films, commercials, fashion parades and much more. The firm is the brainchild of a Melbourne working mother, Terri Svoronos, who has a professional background in teaching, music, drama, dance and sound production. She also has experience of managing shows as diverse as school productions, major fashion shows and corporate functions. With over 20 years’ industry experience, Terri Svoronos explains more in terms of the firm’s background and what is sets out to achieve. “As a parent I firmly believe in the happiness generated by music, the confidence building benefits of performing live on stage and the importance of having fun. It is also my firm conviction that cultural awareness, dramatic abilities and confidence enhance success and enjoyment not only in the performing community, but in every walk of life.” “Showkidz Management is committed to creating opportunities for all children, teens and adults. We have been the leaders in fashion parades since 1993. We have choreographed and provided models for all the major fashion parades for shopping centres state wide as well as fashion festivals, showings and Gala Parades. “All our talent is offered training and to be prepared for the industry - just joining an agency doesn’t instantly make you a model or an actor. We like to send our talent to castings / auditions with some knowledge of what to expect - thus having a higher success rate in nailing that job. We offer training in the way of workshops and weekly classes, if you want to be totally immersed in the world of performing.” There are no joining fees, no contracts, no expensive website fees - just lots of work! Showkidz Management believe in themselves and the agency plus the work they have generated for their talent. They get paid when you do! Terri is keen to elaborate on the requirements for Showkidz Talent and, the kind of clients they work with. “Showkidz Management will take the industry standard commission when we book you for that job! The only thing we make compulsory is an annual professional photoshoot. We want to ensure that we are representing you to the best of our ability and honestly, so professional shots help you to get your foot in the door! In addition, you get to keep all the images taken! “We also have a fresh new adult’s category, ages 18+ and a mum and dad’s category. We are very selective when taking on adults, as we do not exceed 50 in this category. To apply as an adult under our SKM banner, please complete our online talent application and when doing this it is very important to be accurate with measurements. “Showkidz Talent work with a wide variety of female and male child and adult models/ talent/artists that work with a broad client base ranging from advertising, runway, print, stage, film and television. Showkidz Management is looking to work with people with a positive attitude and a healthy disposition. Our talent age range is from 0 – 75” Kids at Showkidz Management are prepared for print, runway, film and television. There are no physical requirements placed on the kids and all children are considered by the agency if space is available for them, as they limit the number of talent they take on per age group. Terri is keen to add the firm’s requirements for actors, what needs to be done to be considered by Showkidz Management and if prospective talent need to bring anything with them to the interview. “Showkidz management works with all levels of talent starting with those interested but with no experience - all the way to principle actors that you see in your favourite TV shows and feature films. If you are considering training or representation by Showkidz Management, then please note that becoming famous is a journey and does not happen overnight, indeed you must commit to the process to see results. “To become a part of Showkidz Management you need to contact Showkidz Management or submit online with the appropriate info. “If you have previous experience as a model or actor and have material that you think best represents yourself, then you are welcome to bring it along; however, it is not necessary. Our request is that you bring a smile and a good attitude because the business is about more than just looks and talent. A CD with at least five images will be required at the interview.” Finally, Terri the reveals what needs to be done after being scouted and how you will I know if SK Management is interested in you, plus he spills the beans on whether you need to sign a contract and adds his thoughts on their professional photoshoot service. “We will offer you our congratulations if you have been

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