June 2017

APAC / June 2017 75 Company: LINX Cargo Care Group CEO Name: Anthony Jones, CEO Web Address: linxcc.com.au Address: 12/335 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay, NSW 2282 Australia Telephone: +61 408 692 186 Formidable Ports and Logistics Expertise g cargoes and specialist cargoes such as heavy machinery, steel, fertiliser, grain, meals, pulses, coal, sand, mineral concentrates, logs, paper and other timber products. We also provide expertise in handling shipments of oversized (out-of-gauge) project cargo and heavyweight items such as mining machinery, excavators, construction steel, refinery equipment for oil projects, generators and turbines for renewable electrical generation that cannot fit into containers. QAP & Export Establishment Registered Our strategically placed assets include a ship loader in Adelaide and bulk storage sheds in Newcastle, NSW and Henderson, WA. We also have sites that are QAP and Export Establishment Registered. Our customers can take advantage of our break bulk handling capabilities at all of Australia’s main break bulk ports, including: Port Kembla; Newcastle; Brisbane; Townsville; Darwin; Dampier; Fremantle; Adelaide; Geelong and Melbourne. Safety – We’re committed to getting our people home safely, every day. Customer – Supporting our customers to succeed is at the heart of all we do. People & teamwork – Working together in partnership is how we achieve our goals. Performance – Our decisions and actions focus on delivering superior performance.

http://linxcc.com.au/ http://www.afadispensinggroup.com/ http://www.smptraining.com.au/