June 2017

APAC / June 2017 7 Company: Freshmax Name: Matthew Crouch, Freshmax Group Marketing Manager Website: http://freshmax.com.au/ Address: 44 Cambridge St, Rocklea QLD Australia 4106 Freshness First g (awarded by a panel appointed by the PMA). Matthew Crouch won the award for an Australia- based campaign for Sumo Citrus™ Mandarins. Matthew explains what it is that really differentiates Freshmax from its competitors. “Our main point of difference between us and our competitors is the substantial role we play in developing new varieties of fruit and vegetable for consumers to embrace,” Matthew states. “These might have better colour, flavour or storage capability; or they might be more efficient to grow. “Freshmax tries to uphold its moto in everything that we do: “People Passionate about Produce”. Hopefully this means that all clients and suppliers alike would say that we really care about the produce we handle. Whilst the market is becoming increasingly dependent on volume as a driver for businesses like ours, we will always strive for quality first.”

http://freshmax.com.au/ http://www.zipcar.com/ https://ssbg.com.cn/