June 2017

66 APAC / June 2017 , 1703AP10 A Message of Alliance and Reliance Solidiance is a corporate strategy consulting firmwith focus on Asia Pacific. As part of our ‘Best in Singapore’ series, we invited the firm to provide a flavour of their work as expert advisers. Solidiance advise CEOs on make- or-break deals, define new business models and accelerate Asia growth. Solidiance’s expertise is focused on industrial applications, green technology, healthcare and technology sectors. We team up with our customers to find new sustainable and profitable growth. Our name stands for what matters most to clients - solid alliances and reliance. Our brand is synonymous with innovation and client value creation, domain knowledge and a very specific Asia focus. Every client engagement we initiate reinforces our message of alliance and reliance. Mission & values Solidiance strives to be the partner of choice to help our clients develop strategies for growing their business in Asia. Our values can be summarised as follows: Passion - We get excited solving client issues and helping them expand. Through our passion comes clients’ success. Once committed, we deliver. Innovation - We set the bar higher for ourselves. Innovation is the driving force behind our company and our clients’ engagements. Focus - We value precision work and a dedicated client- focused approach. For us, client satisfaction is our only path to success. Excellence - We take pride in what we do. We aim to live up to our name by helping business partners to create value in Asia Pacific. Integrity - We build solid client trust by being ethically transparent in our work, relationships and ecosystem. Positive - We aim for an environment that is friendly, warm, and fun. We encourage diversity in people and opinions. Humble - We recognise that every road is paved with challenges and that we don’t always have all the answers. Savvy - We are serious about our operations. We believe in putting in the extra effort to get more things done with less. At 90%, Solidiance’s repeat client rate is substantially above the industry average. This is a clear testimony of the value we bring to our clients. Solid Alliance is no longer just a name. Below are the qualities we can offer when it comes to working with our clients. Solid interaction - We only aim for sustained partnerships with our clients; our success comes from precision work and a dedicated client-focused approach. Customised actionable insights - We create a custom approach tailored to each client’s unique situation. No cut and paste ‘solution’ with us. Getting dirty - Our approach is to focus our strategy recommendations on meticulously gathered facts, not on hearsay. We roll-up our sleeves and get our ‘hands dirty’ by conducting extensive interviews in the marketplace. There are no other ways in Asia. Not global, but Asia-centric - Our focus is on the terrain we master best. We care and know about Asia issues. Seriously fresh - Our size allows us to deliver exciting engagements that are team- based, participative, innovative, foresight-oriented and focused on accelerating your growth in Asia. Unlocking capabilities - Our team is comprised of full-time seasoned consultants with deep Asia and domain knowledge. We bring senior experience that lead to high-impact results. Clients don’t pay us to learn, but to deliver. In terms of my own role in the company, I am the regional marcom executive, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I support the PR and marketing communication activities at the company, as well as contributing to the editorial management within the division. Prior to joining Solidiance, I had previously joined a boutique PR agency as a communication consultant and afterwards found myself working for an advertising agency. In my previous jobs, I was held responsible for social media strategies, corporate communications, media relations and event organising. In terms of my education, I have a BA in Public Relations from The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta.

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