June 2017

64 APAC / June 2017 , 1702AP50 Good Old Fashioned Customer Service NewpathWEB designs and develop beautiful websites, mobile apps, online marketing campaigns and custom software for a sensible price. They help our corporate clients succeed online, as we find out in this profile of their firm, which focuses on two examples of their many services. Newpath WEB is a full service digital agency, focused on well-priced quality solutions, with good old fashioned customer service. As part of being focused on all things digital, web and mobile app development based, we also excel in custom application development, and during our years we have established ourselves as specialists in the development of mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms, and ecommerce web development services. With our innovation in design and cutting-edge web and app solutions, we also have teams dedicated to the creation and management of search engine optimisation and pay per click (AdWords) campaigns and online marketing solutions, and custom application development services. At Newpath WEB, it’s all about working with and meeting our clients’ needs. We partner with you to create unique online solutions that deliver results. Our core services comprise design, development, online marketing, website hosting, mobile app development and outsourced quality assurance and software testing services. If you are seeking a dynamic ideas-driven website design and development agency for your web design, web development, search engine optimisation or application development project, call us and let us share what we can do for you. Website design services Our accessible website design services will make your business stand out from the crowd. Professional web site design and web page design today are critical for success in the world of internet business. A website is an integral part of a company’s image, identification and sales communication strategy. The keys to successful online communication include grabbing your visitors’ attention and providing websites that are user- friendly. We create accessible website design that capture the eye and are easy to navigate. Newpath WEB is a web design company in Australia, with a large team of web design experts and professional website designers. Our portfolio includes hundreds of creative and original customised web design solutions. Our experience demonstrates our deliverability of measurable results for our clients, through practical and knowledgeable web design and end-to-end web development solutions. Our web design services and online marketing ensure our clients receive the very best business website. According to them, their online marketing pays for itself through high results that only a professional webpage design company can provide. Avail the best e-commerce & e-business solutions in Australia Today, with the advancement of e-business solutions almost anyone can go online to purchase almost anything. Online business solutions have removed the issue of geographical boundaries making the global market more accessible. E-commerce has made many day-to-day functions more convenient for consumers and even made it possible to do banking and financial management at their convenience 24×7×365. E-commerce is the undeniable future of retail. As more and more consumers turn to online purchasing for its convenience and value, it is more vital than ever before to invest in the best e-commerce solution that not only attracts new customers to your online business, but also ensures that they return time and time again. At Newpath WEB, our specialist e-commerce solutions team has spent years delivering stunning, branded e-commerce and online business solutions which deliver proven commercial results across a range of industry sectors. All successful e-commerce sites follow two vital rules. Goods are clearly and attractively displayed for maximum visual impact; and the customer experience is simple and pleasurable. By combining our clear, eye- catching visual style with our extensive technical experience, we ensure that all our clients can give their customers exactly what they want. We add to this an expert understanding of customer behaviour which allows our teams to tune each unique web design solution to correspond with the buying habits of the target audience and therefore maximise resulting online sales volume. Newpath WEB offers complete e-commerce and web development services, from bespoke shopping cart design solutions, interactive product browsing, right through to full online payment integration, stock control systems and Point of Sale (POS) interfaces and solutions. Our team can assist with input of products, images, prices and other elements into your e-commerce website and ensure your online store is optimised for Google and other popular search engines. This last step of ensuring you rank well on Google is often overlooked by e-commerce suppliers, and is vital to ensure exposure and more sales.

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