June 2017

50 APAC / June 2017 , fundraising events, or donating unused time and supplies to local schools. We believe in helping everyone to achieve their ambitions both inside and outside of Keypath Education. Giving back is something we’re proud of; it reminds us just how fortunate we are.” Rethinking the approach to the student journey Today’s students approach higher education as the means to opportunity and a better career. They want an experience that meets them where they are – we help you deliver that. Amelia is eager to discuss how Keypath Education has evolved the student experience. “We’ve evolved the student experience to include integrated multidevice marketing, personalised learning, career preparation throughout the academic experience, proactive retention strategies, and the technology and expertise to make it all possible. “Using the deepest, most versatile understanding of student data and behaviour in the industry, we partner with higher education institutions to innovate every aspect of the student experience. Thus, our partner universities are better able to attract, connect with and graduate the world’s most prepared students.” Launch programmes In terms of launch programmes, every university must increase revenue, grow enrolment and uphold mission and quality – all at the same time. But every university is unique in its market, offerings and student population. This requires a flexible partner attuned to these differences. • Do you want to launch online programmes but do not have the expertise or capital? • Have you launched a few online programmes but want to expand institution-wide? • Are some of your online programmes too small for their market? • Do you want to differentiate your programme offerings from your competitors? Keypath Education’s Online Education Management (OEM) partnership model, includes an extensive investment in front-end research on their part, to get to know your institution. Programme viability, market and university readiness assessments create an actionable roadmap of challenges and opportunities. In closing, Amelia is keen to impress upon us how you can grow with a proven partner, build the support structure for successful student outcomes and preserve excellence with their learning philosophy. “Since 1989, we’ve partnered with universities like yours worldwide to market and recruit for more than 2,500 different degree programmes. Your institution benefits from the marketing efficiencies, student insights and experience we’ve gained from managing more than $1 billion in marketing spend annually. The results are institution growth, proprietary data benchmarks and a powerful technology ecosystem. “If the ultimate positive outcome is career preparation or advancement, this outcome must be the focus of students’ entire academic careers. It begins with understanding their motivations for enrolling and continues to retention strategies that include dedicated student success advisors, on-demand student services, and our proprietary process for identifying at-risk students early and providing them adequate support. “Meaningful learning must be holistic, student-centric and outcome-driven. It must also be flexible enough to serve student needs and strengths while rigorous enough to ensure academic quality. We partner with your academics on course content to extend an engaging student experience to a wider audience in different learning environments. Our approach involves the creation of multiple course entrance points, rich multimedia and opportunities for collaboration to hone the interpersonal skills employers demand.”