June 2017

46 APAC / June 2017 , utilises workflow management mechanism, to direct customer queries to the right division or area, their satisfaction quality will be guaranteed. Smart routing based on keyword and sender will ensure customer queries will be attended by the right skilled agents, helping the organisation to properly maximise and scale the resources for customer engagement ViSight Intelligence Portal Transforms data into information for faster decision making to enhance the overall customer experience (CX) with near real- time analytics and reports. Customers today interact with your organisation in many ways, across multiple touch points, media, and platforms. So how do you track the unique and complex experience of every customer? How do you ensure they receive the best possible service? And how do you collate disparate customer engagement data that may be trapped within department silos, leaving you blind to the customer’s overall experience? Your customers interact with your organisation through multiple channels. Therefore, it is vital that your organisation has the tools to connect the dots (silos) to reveal important trends and patterns in the interaction of your customers to enable you to put processes in place to significantly enhance your customers’ experience. Powered by Cyngus Technologies business intelligence platform, ViSight Intelligence Portal maps every interaction your customers may have with your business, across multiple communication channels providing you with near real- time management information system and reports, to expedite decisions that will improve your business’ performance and your customers’ experience ViSight Intelligence Portal aggregates all your customer interactions, feedback and agent data to provide an end-to-end picture of the customer journey. ViSight Intelligence Portal provides management and team leaders with actionable insights to significantly improve the overall customers’ experience across all channels, uncover journey bottlenecks and create more favourable business outcomes for your organisation. Analyse and Improve Your Business Performance Whether the data is coming from Voice or Online Media systems, your existing CRM or Omni- channel infrastructure, we can help you leverage that data to manage service levels, improve operational efficiency and increase sales, retention, and customer satisfaction Profound Impact on Your Business: ViSight Intelligence Portal includes real-time intelligent tools that will support you to manage the siloed complexity of your department’s performances more efficiently and improve your agents and team performance • Tagging analytics insights : Tagging analytics helps you to understand why your customer engaged with your business and provide insights to drive revenue and customer satisfaction (C-SAT) • SLA overview by agent and by channel : SLA overview by agent and by channel provides a holistic view of the operations that helps driving efficiency and costs down • Average Response Time Across Channels : ART analytics assist to improve Agents’ and Staff productivity and reduce operational costs • Knowledge Management : A continuously evolving knowledge management platform will help your business deliver consistent and quality responses to customers contacting you across multiple channels and will deliver an immediate and positive impact to customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies Testimonials “Through ViSight, we are able to increase our quality of service to customers, which has had a positive impact on our revenue.” Mark Debenham, Senior Director, Intercal Asia Pacific “We provide ViSight to our customers as part of our Managed Service Delivery. This gives us a very competitive advantage over our competitors.” Chang Ling, Infrastructure Manager - Global Delivery Centre Malaysia, Fujitsu Malaysia “Prior to receiving ViSight, we did not realise how many opportunities that we were losing. Receiving this information on a daily basis, we know we will increase our monthly sales revenues further.” Mohamad Fadil Head of Call Centre, Properties, Admin and Branch - Operations Department, The New Straits Time Press “Pizza hut utilises ViSight to measure our distribution of home delivery coverage – this enables us to consistently identify and improve the delivery service to our customers.” Nellie Low, CSC Manager, Pizza Hut CSC