June 2017

44 APAC / June 2017 , 1702AP13 Enhancing the Customers Experience Cyngus Technologies is a business intelligence and data analytics service provider that focuses on helping our clients enhance their customers’ experience and empowering companies to create exceptional OmniChannel customer experiences and journeys with their brands. For over 10 years, Cyngus has put customers at the centre of its solutions and is passionate about enhancing customer experience and we believe that great customer experience drives great business outcomes. Cyngus Technologies is a business intelligence solution provider focused on customer experience, specialising in analysing data coming from all communication channels and data sources from various systems within organisations. We provide valuable insights for organisations to improve their strategic planning, decision- making and work performance that leads to increased profitability, enhanced service delivery and competitive advantage. Cyngus is focused on helping customers improve their overall customer engagement and customer experience for almost 10 years. During this period, Cyngus has partnered with Telekom Malaysia to deliver analytics and reports servicing approximately 3,000 customers. A few years ago, Cyngus broadened its capability to digital communications enabling Cyngus to offer an ever- increasing suite of solutions that span digital and conventional channels. Cyngus is passionate about assisting customers to improve their overall customers’ experience. Toll free services Our solutions include toll free services. toll free services, indeed you can give your business that big-company feel with an 1800 or 1300 number. We are your #1 choice for all your business communication needs. Whether you’re a small business or major multi-national corporation, we can offer expert solutions for all your telecommunication challenges. We have a complete range for all Malaysian businesses, which are: 1300 Number 1300 numbers are Local Call Numbers, where the caller is charged a local call rate from any Malaysian phone line. Calls to 1800 numbers are free, including from a mobile, which is why they’re often referred to as Toll Free Numbers. * 1800 and 1300 numbers are virtual numbers that are routed to an answering point that can either be a landline or a mobile number. Depending on the business requirements, the number can be routed to one or a range of answering points. Being virtual numbers means they’re fully portable, making them a perfect choice for growing businesses that may be moving premises or expanding. *local call rate is a call within 50km. 1800 Number 1800 numbers are also 10-digit numbers but the call is free for the caller if dialled from a Malaysian phone line. That’s why they are often called Free Call or Toll Free Numbers. Like 1300 numbers, they are Malaysia wide national numbers and there is no need to use an area code when dialling from within Malaysia. They’re Malaysian wide national numbers which means there is no need to use an area code like 03, 04, etc. They also come with a high level of call handling and routing options. That makes them a superior choice to traditional landline numbers, delivering improved efficiency and productivity to any business operation. All prefixes come with the same features and functions and can be set up in the same way. They’re proven to increase marketing response rates and boost business presence. Toll free analytics Our platform tracks, aggregates, and analyses millions of 1800 and 1300 toll free calls each day. These incoming call analytics that deep dive to network level that the telephony PBX (Private Branch Exchange) unable to access and collect. With the new insights gained off the toll-free lines, our clients can uncover hidden business opportunities, resulting revenue growth. International Toll free (ITFS) Deliver toll free to your customers all around the world, and answer the calls right here in Malaysia. Answering Services Business 24/7 is a professional call answering and message service that can be answered in a personal or a company name. Once the phone call is answered by the operator a message is taken and forwarded via email and SMS. And of course, our operators and the call answering service are based in Malaysia. ViSight Online Media ViSight Online Media enables you to bring communications from various channels such as email, live chat and social media on to one easy-to-use and easy to manage platform and empowers your business to have control over how every customer communication is managed and responded too – it is an end to end customer engagement platform that adds tremendous immediate value to your business. Customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your business and your brand using email, social media, live chat and SMS channels. Most companies believe they provide excellent customer experience, however only a few companies deliver consistent and positive experience across all communication channels to their customers and continue to try to find new ways to be relevant to their customers You can simplify the customer experience with workflow management. With OLM that