June 2017

34 APAC / June 2017 , 1704AP11 Recipe for Success Alpino Gelato was founded in 1950. It is Australia’s first gelato company, opening before any other Gelato or ice cream corporation. We invited the firm’s CEO Laura Nobile, to tell us more about the firm’s fascinating story from its inception up to the present day. Alpino Gelato was founded in 1950. It is Australia’s first gelato company, opening before any other Gelato or ice cream corporation. The company has set many benchmarks and historical achievements in the field of gelato, ice cream and sorbet and servicing Australia with healthy products. Alpino Gelato has established its own secret recipe and has stuck to it since the day that it opened in the 1950’s, creating an Australian- made, Australian-owned and Australian-run business. In 2013, Alpino Gelato made the Australian history books as the first gelato company to successfully export a finished, live product to China. This success has continued with Alpino releasing healthy, low in sugar, strictly no dehydrated premixes from overseas, healthy food and desert products. With its secret recipe dating back to the 1950’s, Alpino Gelato was established by Filomena and Vincenzo Tropeano and the business was handed down to their daughter, Anna Nobile with her Husband Giuseppe Nobile. They been involved with Alpino for their whole lives, now with the third generation strongly by their side, indeed their children Laura and Amanda Nobile continue the company’s legacy success. Laura has been part of this team for going on 18 years. She is the current CEO of Alpino gelato, assisting in export, product development, product readiness, marketing and certification activities. Laura has in her time with Alpino gelato, achieved the Kosher certification, The Vegan certification, the made in Marrickville mark, and soon to launch some very exciting and innovative Super Food gelato and sorbet Ranges. Laura was happily involved in the export to China account, branding and marketing, logistics and health and safety of the products during this project. “I love serving Australia and the world with a naturally healthy, authentic Italian, modern and traditional gelato and sorbet, free from pre-mixes and anything artificial. I love serving Australia and the world with a healthy, Italian, authentic, non-premix, cultural and traditional gelato and sorbet.” This has been her passion and her happiness when it comes to servicing consumable high quality gelato and sorbet and ice cream. She has worked alongside Australia’s best chefs, celebrities, international celebrities, prominent Australian and international personalities and designed many desserts for them. Laura’s professional and knowledgeable approach allows people to feel comfortable with even the most confidential events and public figures. “I enjoy meeting these people, and guiding my team to make only the best possible product - not a mass produced, fast food product. The honour is ours to design and create for them and speaking to a public forum about good healthy gelato and sorbets.” Laura has, through her years with Alpino, been in newspapers for her original macaroons gelato sandwich and Chinese New Year ‘Good Luck Lotus Flower’. She has been covered in the media with celebrities and chefs and master chefs for the product that she services. Alpino and Laura have serviced in hotels, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, celebrity events, book launches, TV shows, and events for radio stations as well. Recently, Alpino gelato was featured on studio 10 on Christmas Day as celebrity host loved and endorsed the Alpino product, which the company was humbled and grateful for. Laura has always believed in health as the main passion for making a healthy gelato, ice cream and sorbet. Without adding fillers, dehydrated powder mixes from overseas, gelatin, glycerin, or any artificial preservatives or additives. Along with her team they have made and stuck to the traditional, delicious recipe. “In five years’ time, I hope to still be guiding my team in a positive manner and continuing the growth that we are currently experiencing. The hard work through challenges is starting to pay off, as people are more and more aware of what they are eating. “I try to be a very positive and humble person when it comes to dealing people in the industry. There have been many challenges over the years, with an influx and growth of powdered premix products that allow people to make cheap gelato and sorbet on the premises. This has taken away from the purity and knowledge you need to have to make a distributable, healthy and traditional product. I rely on my knowledge of food science, health, techniques and healthy ingredients which have allowed me to run and produce only the best and most natural gelato and sorbet, while respecting Italian tradition and refusing to compromise our product to save a few dollars.” “The Asia-Pacific region has appreciated our traditions and purity of the gelato that we are serving to not only Australia but also to them. This is why we are highly successful in our own country and also the world. Whilst everybody else is looking at gimmicks and fillers, we are looking at tradition, healthy products, good ingredients, as many fresh, local ingredients as possible and sticking stringently to this. “Australia prides itself on being a healthy and fit country and I believe that the Asia-Pacific countries see the health benefits in eating good quality food. That is why Alpino falls under that umbrella and has been recognised by these countries

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