June 2017

32 APAC / June 2017 , 1706AP05 A Unique Digital Transformation Journey Stellar Asia Pacific are experts on the end-to-end customer care journey. We invited Head of Sales &Marketing, John Zisis, to tell us more about the dynamic company. Nineteen years ago, Stellar Asia Pacific opened their doors as a call centre with just one client. Today, they work with a diverse client base that spans industries and the globe – with locations in Australia, Asia and USA. John goes into detail about the services Stellar Asia Pacific offers and the steps taken to ensure that their clients receive the best possible outcome. “At Stellar Asia Pacific, we tailor a unique customer solution for our clients based on their business goals, focusing on leading them on a digital transformation journey. From traditional phone and email, through to back-office activities and cutting-edge social and digital services, our goal is to help our clients get closer to their customers. “Every client is different, with unique goals and a unique customer base. Understanding what they are truly trying to achieve helps us tailor a solution to help them achieve their goals. If we’re doing our job right, our clients enjoy a competitive advantage, through improved customer advocacy and reduced costs.” As for the company’s overall mission, John explains how Stellar Asia Pacific is built on a foundation of Open Book Management, but also highlights what it is that marks them as the best possible option for their clients. “We openly share information in our business, giving our employees a direct line of sight into what we’re doing. At the core of it, we’re about people and connections. Our monthly incentive program rewards front line employees for delivering to our clients’ needs. All our company values have people at the centre – to build a collaborative, respectful and fun workplace, with staff who are truly passionate about our clients’ customers. “As our business is constantly evolving, we are not afraid of change. We helped our clients navigate the shift from phone calls to integrating digital channels such as web chat and social media long before those things were even on the radar for our competitors. This digital focus and growth has been hugely exciting for our company, and is leading to amazing things – with four new sites opening this year alone to keep up with growth. Our proven onshore and offshore solutions provide options and a strategic solution for our clients. Recently, Stellar Asia Pacific found success in the APAC Gen Utilities Awards 2017. This award recognises strong performance in economically challenging environments. Speaking of the success, John highlights what the win means for the company. “Something we’re truly proud of is our partnerships and connections with our clients. By working collaboratively, we always ensure that the customer and our people remain at the centre of everything we do. Being part of the APAC Gen Utilities Awards 2017 is testament to the strength of our relationships – and our growth at more than 3x industry standard - and challenges us to always strive for better. “To have this work recognised by APAC Insider is an honour and it will be a great compliment to the staff across the breadth of the company. The customer service landscape is constantly evolving, and people in front- line contact centre roles are faced with an increasing number of requests on an increasing number of different channels. The contact centre is vital to our clients’ brand reputation and this award rightly put the spotlight on the people that are delivering excellent customer service. We are honoured to have our work recognised by APAC Insider.” Looking ahead, envisioning what the future holds for Stellar Asia Pacific, John reflects on the industry the company operates within and the developments that may lie ahead. “Operating within an increasingly competitive global industry, there is no doubt that the contact centre industry is finding the shift to digital difficult. We see some of our competitors struggling to keep up with change. Customers are no longer content to call a help desk in working hours, they want the option to tweet, or email, or do it themselves using a self-service web-chat platform. Keeping ahead of what the customer wants and being prepared for change is vital in this industry. Technology is moving fast, and we have to be a step ahead at every turn.” “Recently, we’ve just launched into shared services offerings to continue to broaden our offering and complement our existing digital and automated offerings. We are very conscious of not discounting any technology as a fad or flash in the pan – we take all advancements seriously and consider the impact they will have on our business. “We’re always trying new ideas, investing our time and energy into learning and staying a step ahead. The road ahead is exciting, and we can’t wait to see what it brings.”

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