June 2017

30 APAC / June 2017 , AE170095 Highest Quality of Professional Services At Hardings Pharmacies, they value their excellent and dedicated staff, many of whomhave beenwith the group for 10 years or more. Recently, we invited Russell Harding fromHardings Pharmacies to tell us more about the firmwho have just received the APAC Insider Award for Pharmaceutical Innovation - Australia. Hardings Pharmacy first opened in 1983, and whilst there have been six new stores in total since that time, 4 have been sold and just two Queensland stores remain under the ownership of Russell Harding - in the Brisbane suburbs of Murrumba Downs and Annerley. With highly trained employees the pharmacies have consistently attained National Quality Assurance via the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Quality Care Pharmacy Program, Russell tells us more about this program and the group. “Operating since 1997, this program was developed in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. The program only accredits pharmacies that provide the highest quality in professional health services and customer care. “Hardings Annerley was the first pharmacy in Queensland to be accredited under the strict QCCP guidelines and actively follows the principles of tight systems management. “At Hardings Pharmacies, we offer numerous professional services – including expert advice on medications, Diabetes management, keeping track of your medication repeats using an SMS reminder service, Vaccinations, a Naturopath just to name a few. As a group, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the highest quality of professional services.” When discussing Hardings Pharmacies Diabetes Clinic, Russell informs us how the clinic is proving to be very successful in assisting patients to better manage their Diabetes and associated illnesses. “Our Diabetes Clinic has become a well accepted addition to the regional health care system and has been well accepted by GPs. Local GPs are regularly referring their patients to our centre for the ongoing management of the condition, professional collaboration that is proving to benefit the local community. “As we are open 24 hours, we have a broad cross-section of clients, usually the older bracket from the very start of our day, followed by the younger parents and children, then we have the workers and business people on their way home from work later in the day. Finally, we have the night owls, shift workers and those that are unfortunately ill overnight. “Our afterhours online doctor service is proving very popular as those that are ill are able to access a GP online at any time of the day, obtain advice or a prescription and have it dispensed there and then at our 24-hour centre, manned at all times by one of our qualified pharmacists.” Based in Queensland, Russell informs us of the main benefits to being based in Australia, as well as highlighting key developments specific to Australia. “Australian pharmacy is going through an exciting phase, with strong support not only from Government that sees Australian pharmacy and pharmacists as integral to the community health care team, but also from great energy generated by all the stakeholders within the industry. With an ageing population and an increased understanding of the benefits of preventative health, Australian pharmacy is well positioned to provide a range of services that will make Australians healthier and happier. “The Australian Government, in its desire to minimise the cost impact on its budget has introduced a price disclosure mechanism for generic medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (the ‘PBS’). This has forced our sales of prescription medicines down substantially. However, we have successfully combatted this by expanding our front of shop offer, up-skilling our team and focussing more on the services listed above. Opening our business 24 hours has helped attract a wider client base.” Recently, Hardings Pharmacies were selected as worthy winners in APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards 2017. Speaking of the success, Russell states that the win was both unexpected and a real thrill for his team. Praising the talented team at Hardings Pharmacies, Russell reflects on the reasons he believes are behind their success. “With our recent shop fit, my team worked so hard to achieve something different, effective and a final outcome that we are all very proud of. It has been a few years in the making, involved input from this internal team of skilled and clever individuals, advisers from the Australian pharmacy industry as well as ideas garnished from international travel. “One reason that has driven our success is that we have provided our direct customer – pharmacist engagement model for over 20-years and wanted to take the strategy further. When a large shop adjacent to us in our shopping centre became available, we jumped at the opportunity to expand and to begin the planning and implementation of our new pharmacy model. Striving to think differently, we have a keen focus on the needs of our customers and this has been the driving force for our success. Looking ahead, Russell envisions what the future has in store for Hardings Pharmacy but also the wider Australian corporate landscape and how they will adapt to any changes.

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