June 2017

APAC / June 2017 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Freshness First 8. Supporting Multinational Companies with Outsourced Enterprise IT Services 12. Storming the Seas 14. Projects Managed with Great Efficiency* 16. Hello, It’s Macquarie 20. Translational Research in Materials Science 22. Exquisite Workmanship That’s Recognised by Top Brands 26. Improving Access to Education 30. Highest Quality of Professional Services 32. A Unique Digital Transformation Journey 34. Recipe for Success 36. The Land of the Long White Cloud 40. The Future of the Connected Business World 44. Enhancing the Customers Experience 48. Changing Lives through Education 52. Experts in Motor Design 56. Delivering ‘Something New’ 60. An Enduring New Zealand Holiday Provider 62. An Abundance of Energy 64. Good Old Fashioned Customer Service 66. A Message of Alliance and Reliance 68. A Chorus of Approval 70. Soaring Success 72. Never Dispense with a Good Idea 74. Formidable Ports and Logistics Expertise 76. A Seamless Service 78. Creating Opportunities for Talent 80. Transforming Talent for Competitive Advantage 84. Acquire, Manage & Optimise 86. We’re in It Together 88. A New School of Thought 90. The ‘Script of Life’ 94. Fulfilling Potential and Enriching Lives 96. A Technology Leader and Innovator 98. The Grass Is Always Greener 100. The Right Tool for the Job 102. ASEAN’s Leading One Stop Shop 106. Independent in Spirit and Thought 108. Delivering Cost-Effective Outcomes 110. Firm Decisions 112. Boutique Law Firm Providing Legal Excellence 113. Best Luxury Yacht Charter Company - Singapore & APAC Excellence Award: Best Unique Superyacht “The Royal Albatross” 114. Water, Water Everywhere 115. The Prestige of High Natural Cosmetics with Organic Ingredients 116. The Pinnacle of Success 117. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words 118. A Unique Window of Opportunity 119. Your Security and Peace of Mind 120. Achieving ‘Zero Harm’ 121. Trust and Mutual Respect 122. Bringing Job Seekers and Employers Together 123. True Investment Management Specialists 124. Six Centuries of Steel 125. A Global Network with Asian Values Tops the Industry 126. The Lessons of Life 127. Maximising Workplace Productivity 128. A Wonderful Heritage 129. Holistic Care in the Community 130. The Road to Success 131. World-Class Innovators 132. Creating Magical Experiences 133. Waste Not, Want Not 134. A Formidable Expert in Risk 135. Taxing Work 136. Your Total Solutions Partner 137. Indonesian Business Awards *

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