June 2017

28 APAC / June 2017 , be seen in places we haven’t been seen before. We will work through these suggestions and evaluate the suitability and viability of options. 3. Building and maintaining connections with industry and local communities The consultation reaffirmed that TAFE SA staff are intrinsic to building and maintaining connections with industry to ensure we continue to keep pace with community needs as they evolve and address local demand. To that end, we have introduced the new role of regional business development officer in selected regions and created two new metro regional managers to serve greater Adelaide. Next steps The consultation provided critical information about what students, communities and industry need in the way of education and training. TAFE SA will continue to identify the best ways to deliver these courses, using all the innovative methods at our disposal – online, face-to-face, blended delivery and mobile classrooms. This will be factored into our forward planning for staffing and facilities to increase TAFE SA’s presence and deliver better training outcomes throughout South Australia. Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students TAFE SA’s Aboriginal Access Centre (AAC) provides support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students. The AAC offers a variety of programs through many TAFE SA sites, including regional and remote locations. The AAC can also assist with enrolments into a wide range of other programs in TAFE SA. When you take part in AAC programs, a training support officer (TSO) is assigned to you for the duration of your course. Your TSO will help you develop a learning plan that maps your education pathway. The TSO also acts as your link to lecturers and other sources of support. Tutors can be assigned to help Aboriginal students who are enrolled in an accredited TAFE SA course. You may be eligible for a tutor while studying for a Certificate III or higher. To apply for a tutor, print and fill out this application form and return it to Aboriginal Access Centre, Level 1, Port Adelaide Campus, 1 Mundy St, Port Adelaide SA 5015. If you’re interested in helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students by becoming a tutor, please complete and return the tutor registration form. You might also be eligible for help with some or all your TAFE SA fees. To apply for this assistance, speak with your TSO and complete the AAC Equity Grant form below. Access and equity services TAFE SA offers programs and services that are relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive. The access and equity policy aims to achieve equal educational and vocational outcomes for all students, redress past disadvantage, and improve the position of groups in society. Such groups include: • Women; • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; • People of non-English speaking backgrounds; • People with physical or intellectual disabilities; • The long-term unemployed and; • The rurally isolated. Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students TAFE SA aims to meet the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community by: • Involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in making and implementing decisions that affect their access, participation rates and successful outcomes in vocational education, training and employment • Increasing the participation rates and success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people in vocational education and training proportionate to other South Australians • Actively promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people as positive role models • Eliminating any discriminatory policies, practices, assumptions and behaviours in the organisation by providing training programs and employment conditions which are equitable, accessible and culturally inclusive • Providing temporary, special measures schemes for the benefit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander employees, potential employees and students. Language support A final example of the many services we offer is language support. TAFE SA offers courses to help non-English- speaking students communicate effectively, both socially and in their studies. The nationally accredited and approved courses are run through English Language Services (ELS) in central Adelaide - and offer students the skills needed to gain employment or admission - to further English language or vocational courses. Courses are run at beginner, intermediate and advanced level and focus on a student’s individual language needs, incorporating the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. ELS offers: • English courses for migrants and refugees; • TAFEstart courses for people who want to study at university or TAFE SA, or work in a specialised area such as hospitality, information technology, aged care, hairdressing or financial services; • Accredited teacher and tutor training; • Home tutor and distance- learning services; • Settlement and support services which provide information about life in Australia • Assistance in finding jobs and; • Special facilities, including modern computer suites, free internet access, a comprehensive library, childcare services and student lounges where students can relax and socialise.

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