June 2017

24 APAC / June 2017 , employees begin a well-oiled process of setting the foundation right by understanding the design intent, budget constraints, and keeping in mind the overall experience of the spaces - with the goal of creating an undeniable masterpiece of professionalism and intricacy. With a wealth of experience in interior fitout, the teams of designers, project managers, quantity surveyors, operations and on-the ground site managers each bring to the table years of experience within each specialised field. When discussing what sets the company apart from its competitors, marking them out as the best possible option for their clients, Anthony narrows it down to three key factors. “Exquisite workmanship that is recognised by top brands - Quality is a key factor identified by top luxury and international brands as being our competitive advantage. Our clients having stringent quality standards, being purveyors of the world’s most desired luxury goods, have identified Legend as the go-to name in the area of bespoke quality. “Change agents assigned to pre-empt any potential uncertainties - Being a sizeable company, it could be easy to rely solely on the regime of an effective, proven process- driven formula. At Legend, we prefer to place an extra effort to analyse each project and its variable factors. Every new project has its own unique set of challenges and based on our specialised experience, we make it a priority to highlight all potential scenarios and corresponding action plans for each to our clients, during the initial phases of the project. These variables are reviewed throughout the course of the project, mitigating any potential risks and making sure our clients’ concerns are addressed before they may arise. “As a result, we arrive at a workable solution that’s economical and pleasantly surprising the client with a more positive outcome as opposed to fighting fires. This is also possible through our network of partners and vendors, built on relationships and a common understanding that only comes from years of successful collaborations. “We speak the language of design to create tangible masterpieces - We orchestrate interior experiences. Having worked with renowned architects, designerss, brand owners and international developers, we are cognizant of the impeccable design standards the physical spaces and products have to live up to.” With the rise of the digital platform and online shopping experience, Anthony describes how these outside influences have caused retail brand owners to reconsider the in-store experience. “In order for our clients to excel in today’s market and to compete with the digital arena, quality needs to be translated into creating immersive experiences for the end customer. As interior fabricators, we build the framework with the ultimate experience in mind and with the inside knowledge of the industry and being intuitive of the trends. Working alongside closely with our client, we offer solutions to enhance the in-store experience so that each brand is able to captivate each visitor, providing an undeniably unique and tangible experience. “How we stay ahead of emerging developments within the industry, is with the close network of collaborators in the varying fields of design, construction, property development and consultants we have built over the years. By keeping a close relationship with these experts in their field, we are able to prioritise our R&D efforts to pre-empt the requests or requirements that our clients may have.” Gaining success in the Asia- Pacific region hasn’t always been easy, Anthony reflects on the challenges the company have faced since their inception and commends the passionate employees who represent Legend Interiors. “A key challenge has been the identifying, training and building up a strong team of partners in lesser developed regions in Asia Pacific and bringing them up to the standards demanded by our clients. Having trained and built up a team of experts within Legend who share our core values, time and resources have been invested in training the local teams, equipping them with the knowledge and honing their instincts to deal with specific local challenges. “With regards to our employees, we work in a collaborative culture where although roles and processes are clearly defined, each team member has the initiative and is willing to step up and help where required. Our employees have an open communication and access to management to obtain guidance and support where needed.” Looking ahead, Anthony notes on any potential developments that may arise and how Legend Interiors will adapt to these possible changes but also envisions what the future holds for the company. “Potential developments include the growth of the mid- scale market whether in retail, hospitality or other commercial projects. We are constantly improving and working to deliver impeccable quality at a competitive price point. “As for the future of Legend Interiors, we see a growth in the Asia Pacific as well as specifically in the South East Asian markets. We will be expanding our operations to service the growing demand and client base in those regions.”

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