June 2017

18 APAC / June 2017 , The HUB is Macquarie’s local contact centre – which is full of Customer Service Professionals (CSPs), who are on-hand around the clock to solve any problems clients may run into with their service. They work directly with the group’s carriers as well, so that clients don’t have to. Tech to suit each business Macquarie invest in innovative solutions for their clients, although they freely admit that although they have employed some of the industry’s smartest minds to build their products, they don’t always know everything. That is why the group are committed to listening to their customers and developing new products that help their business. Macquarie is a full-service carrier. Meaning they can look after all client’s telco and hosting needs under the one roof. This means businesses don’t have to work with multiple providers that may not integrate or work well together. It also means that clients get one bill every month, and with simple online management tools, clients are fully informed and know exactly what they are paying for each month. Macquarie believe that it is never a good strategy to have your eggs all in one basket. So, thy have access to multiple voice, mobile and data networks across Australia, giving clients the flexibility to choose the one that best meets their needs, as well as the security of a backup if anything goes wrong. World-class customer experience in a Sydney contact centre For Macquarie, outstanding customer service isn’t just something they aim for – it’s a part of who they are. And the hive of that service is their customer contact and experience centre, which is in the Sydney CBD. Macquarie didn’t cut any corners when they were building the hub. The product is a world- class customer contact and experience centre, full of bright minds that are ready to deal with any challenges a client’s business might face – and a new benchmark in service. The hub is in Sydney, but it is not only open during Sydney’s business hours. Help is available via the call centre at any time of day, on any day of the year. Macquarie Telecom offers private IP-VPN service to suit client’s needs or extend on their current set up. Macquarie Telecom has a natural knack for great customer service and the friendly faces that work in the hub come from all kinds of backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common – and that’s a natural knack for great customer service. This predisposed talent is enhanced through additional training. All the Macquarie team spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of their role – so by the time they get onto the floor, they’re ready to offer the level of service that’s seen the group earn the industry’s leading Net Promoter Scores. Customer assistants won’t pass clients from person to person either – the CSP who first picks up the phone will gather the information they need to help solve the client’s problem. So, they do not have to waste time on hold, waiting to get to the bottom of the issue. This great customer service and attitude toward customer experience has thus far kept Macquarie on the road to success. Looking to the future it is likely that their industry disruption so far will carry them to the top of the industry and beyond, as they expand into new channels and incorporate yet more innovative processes and technologies into their offerings.

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