June 2017

142 APAC / June 2017 , IB170003 Most Dynamic Media and Event Organiser & Award for Excellence in Branding and Marketing PT. Trijaya Dewata, a pioneer of tourismand travel media has incredibly strong presence in both print and digital across Bali, Jakarta and now Flores. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success so far. PT. Trijaya Dewata may have started off with humble beginnings but today, this 100% local Indonesian establishment is proud to be one of the oldest and most recognized pioneers in hospitality, tourism and travel and has grown to what is now one of the most internationally awarded and coveted firms in Bali with a strong and ever-growing presence in both digital and print with over six publications under its belt including Bali Plus Magazine, one of the oldest tourism and travel magazine on the island. Entering its 21st year in 2017, this monthly pocket-sized magazine was created with the aim to provide useful up-to-date information for travellers and tourists on everything unique and relevant in Bali; from Balinese Hindu culture and ceremonies to the latest, most fashionable events and launches that’s taking place across the island. Available in English, Japanese and Mandarin, the magazine has a strong online presence and engagement via its website (www.baliplus.com ) daily e-newsletters and social media platforms which are updated daily. Recently the company launched Flores Plus; a digital magazine that is available for downloads via its website at www.floresplus. net. With the launch of Flores Plus, the company now will lead the way as one of the pioneers of tourist media in Flores and Komodo. Other publications based in Jakarta under the PT. Trijaya Dewata umbrella include Margo Magazine, Navigator Bali, Area and Sababay Winery. Over the years, PT. Trijaya Dewata became the go-to for publishing and content. The company became the official publisher for Bali Hotels Association, ITDC and the South Kuta Beach Business Association. Today, it is the only official media partner in Bali for internationally renowned brands such as Qatar Airways and Virgin. It was also the official publisher of the AirAsia Indonesia’s in-flight magazine, Travel 3Sixty Indonesia. Due to its immense growth and success, the company decided to further serve the hospitality and tourism industry by establishing its Events and Marketing arm in the early 2000s to undertake local and international branding and promotional activities. Drawing from his own wealth of experience, industry knowledge and business how-tos, the Events and Marketing arm at PT. Trijaya Dewata began to plan, manage and execute some of the most successful events on the island including the immensely popular and often-awaited Bali Beach Run and Jogja Beach Run event, the Nivea Sun campaign, the Belvita campaign and the Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Sunday Market. Throughout each campaign, PT. Trijaya Dewata had proven to have successfully exceeded all Return of Investments (ROI) by using unique, creative and timely marketing gimmicks and other exciting, imaginative and ingenious activities that drew the crowd and created Top-Of-Mind Recall of each brand name. Overall, decades of experience speaks volumes, and as the founder to one of the oldest printed magazines in Bali, PT Trijaya Dewata’s credibility and our reputation exceeds everything else; that and also quality, timely and up-to-date content that pleases both clients and readers. When it comes to marketing and events, the firm believe that sincerity, transparency, trust and of course, a touch of creativity will take us a long way ahead. Clients are people, and so are its readers; and as such the firm believe that every client, partner and stakeholder have different needs and wants that should be addressed and tailor-made to suit their needs and to keep relationships healthy and mutual. Moving forward, PT. Trijaya Dewata will continue to expand and innovate, with ideas that promise to capture, enthrall and inform. Embracing the importance of the digital world, the company is set to continue to bring to its audience new, authentic information via Social Media, Digital and Print. Venturing into Flores, the company is now proud to be one of the pioneers in tourism and travel media in East Nusa Tenggara, bringing all pertinent and interesting information from East to West Flores to travellers and partners alike.

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