June 2017

140 APAC / June 2017 , IB170001 Indonesian Agribusiness of the Year & Award for Innovation in Sustainable CSR 2017 HPI-Agro is a Jakarta based agricultural firm that prioritizes regulatory compliance, eco-friendly practices, and the creation of additional values for surrounding communities. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success so far. Established in 2008, HPI-Agro is committed to continuously synergize with our surroundings, upholding its five core values to be the best. In line with the growing need for food and energy, HPI- Agro continuously innovates and increases productivity in alignment with the environment through Good Agricultural Practices. Since its foundation, HPI-Agro has been committed to building a plantation business that complies with regulations, is eco-friendly, and provides additional values and benefits to the surrounding communities. These three aspects are vital to the creation of a healthy relationship between the company and the community. Through the principle of partnership, The firm aim to create a mutual beneficial relationship between the two. Planting first began in 2010, with a palm oil plantation in West Kalimantan. The initial planting was coincided with the inauguration HPI-Agro’s training center for plantation assistants. Ultimately, HPI- Agro is on a mission to become one of Indonesia’s best managed agrobusiness, which strives for high quality product, growth, and innovation through sustainable corporate social responsibility, strategic and operational excellence, and strong teamwork from highly competent and motivated employees. This will be its ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting and prosperous future.

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