June 2017

14 APAC / June 2017 , 1702AP32 Projects Managed with Great Efficiency ThoughtDesign offer an inclusive and innovative project management service which is transforming the industry, one client at a time. ThoughtDesign understand that a lot of people in the technology industry haven’t had the opportunity to diversify and gain experience, which leaves them in a position with minimum potential connections to create networks and support systems for their services. This results in very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. While the business may have a youthful complexion, they have decades of Information Technology experience under their belt. Their architects have wide and varied experience in Information Technology and across several business fields, including investment banking, retail, and mass communication amongst others. The team has a supreme goal, and that is building high quality software that stands the test of time while achieving the maximum ROI for their customers in a non-intrusive engagement. They deliver client’s software vision while keeping them focused on the core business objective without being side-tracked to the IT domain. With ThoughtDesign, clients get a professional local team to interact with while being abstracted from all the details of project management and co- ordinating a global team, a team that is always ahead of the curve with the latest best practices and technologies, a team that has been handpicked from around the globe and thrives on the quality of solutions delivered and software with strong foundations that stands the test of time, and allows clients to expand, rather than rebuild. At ThoughtDesign, customer relationships are about partnerships. Through their services they engage customers in a partnership model based on mutual trust, openness, shared risk and rewards to enable them to deliver quality solutions as a partner of skilled resources. ThoughtDesign will architect client’s software solutions, providing them with the framework on which to build. Then, if they choose, ThoughtDesign can then assist them in the development, deployment and maintenance of their software. ThoughtDesign assist with enterprise & cloud based systems, web systems, database design and business intelligence solutions covering reporting, analysis services, integration services, cloud strategies and system design. Clients can engage ThoughtDesign to produce a documented application architecture and use this to; Take the solution to tender, Reduce the impediments to success, produce better estimations, improve team guidance, automate deployment and implement software solutions. ThoughtDesign can offer custom software development services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, with services including; custom application development, e-commerce systems, IT consulting, web portal development, business intelligence solutions, data warehousing, data mining and reporting. ThoughtDesign can help clients to discover more about their business data by transforming it into a format where reporting tools and dashboard can be used to present an array of new facts and business opportunities based on the discovery of patterns in the data. This allows clients to extract, transform and load data using various data tools and custom built ones. This also means that clients have access to multi-dimensional database design (aka Cubes) using SQL server analysis services and other technologies, whilst using various visual on-demand and scheduled reporting techniques, Microsoft based BI integration and custom dashboards to optimise data stores for performance and resilience ThoughtDesign understands that project management is more than just technical challenges broken down into manageable tasks. Business and strategic goals need to form part of the actionable plan. ThoughtDesign provides governance around projects via effective communication amongst all parties involved in the project and good practices aided by tools to support them. Commitment to processes should lead to a better outcome. Peer reviews, clear accountabilities and measurements, monitoring and simplified reporting are essential to project governance. No single project management methodology can fit all cases since each software project is unique in many ways. ThoughtDesign assists clients in project managing their next software development project, taking a holistic approach to governance for all project stakeholders. Testing and Quality Assurance are key areas of the software development life cycle. Testing also means adherence to best practices and processes used during all phases of the project as deviations from these processes can lead to incorrect results. ThoughtDesign testing services cover includes; unit testing, system & integration testing, usability and acceptance testing, globalization testing and stress and performance testing. Clients requiring technical training on the Microsoft technology stack or improve their ability to design and develop enterprise solutions using the Microsoft .NET Framework can access training solutions and programs through ThoughtDesign. Over the years, ThoughtDesign has delivered

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