June 2017

138 APAC / June 2017 , IB170005 Most Outstanding Spa Retreat 2017 Aroma Spa Retreat Bali is the place where the client is the most important person, a place of Retreat from the world, to allow time for self, time to be pampered, time to reinvigorate, time to reconnect, time to heal and time to replenish. We caught up with Sonya Davies to learn more about this pampering paradise. Boasting a unique and spectacular absolute beach front location, Aroma Spa Retreat Sanur Bali was established in 2012 to provide a haven of high standard service, for time poor customers in need of complete escape from their busy modern lives. Aroma Spa Retreat is the place that provides deep rejuvenating and pampering. The retreat combines high touch with the latest technology to give clients the best opportunity to improve how they look and feel. They will leave Aroma Spa Retreat transformed and invigorated due to its integrated Aroma Spa Retreat approach to health and beauty which makes clients return again and again. Sonya outlines the reasons why clients flock to this stunning retreat. “Aroma Spa Retreats has clients from all over the world with visitors to the beautiful island of Bali making their half or full day at Aroma Spa Retreat part of their annual holiday. However, we also run an Access Club for Indonesians and expatriates that live full time in Bali. The club involves the locals in the training treatments and development of new treatments. The Aroma Access Club also supports local charities to support development of underprivileges communities for health services and education. Aroma Spa Retreat believes it has a responsibility to give back to the community in which we are privileged to operate. Aroma Spa Retreat is more than a business it is a philosophy of dedication to our guests, staff and our community. “Years ago we realised that people particularly women, however all people in western society live at an incredible pace with no ‘me’ time. The industry trend to retreat style holidays is reflective of the state of complete exhaustion that accompanies the western working family. Our industry has seen a 10 fold increase in enquiry for retreat style holidays that focus on rejuvenation and reconnection rather than simply touring. The trend is also to natural and organic products. Consumers are educated and want less chemicals and more natural, they ask what is in products and are conscious of what they are prepared to put on or in their body, This trend aligns perfectly to the Aroma Spa Retreat model where we provide a 5 star environment combining high touch experience with organic products and the latest non-invasive technology. In our business, we have seen people want to spend more time in the Spa Retreat, an hour massage is no longer enough. Our guests are looking for a longer treatment and a specially designed sequence of treatments to active real regeneration and relaxation.” As with any service based business, at the retreat staff are of vital importance, and as such Sonya is keen to emphasise her firm’s dedication to only hiring the very best talent from across the industry and supporting them in offering the highest possible standard of service to all clients. “The Aroma team, never stop training it is our belief that the only way to maintain incredible service delivery and standards is to constantly review all 24 of our therapist. Every therapist is trained on all treatments and reviewed on a monthly basis. Many say they have highly trained staff, the Aroma difference is we ‘do it’ constantly not just when a therapist joins our team. Our therapist must have no less than 3 years’ experience and upon joining our team they are retrained for no less than three months, this is just the beginning. “Together with incredible attention to detail our guests are introduced to a seamless environment where the enormous work put into all details and cleanliness. No detail is left unattended, the aroma of the space, the texture of the linen, the look and feel of flowing luxurious curtains futures and fittings, creating a perfect environment where every need is met without the guest being aware of the attention to detail, rather just being presented with an incredible environment and experience. “Overall, Balinese therapists are highly sort the world over. Their natural ability to heal though massage is well known. Massage and body treatments are ingrained in their traditional healing culture and their natural ability passed down through the generations combined with high level training results in incredible therapist. Their absolute gentle and caring nature justify their worldwide reputation and we are privileged to work with these incredible women in our Spa Retreat. People often ask why we do not establish and Aroma Spa Retreat in say Australia, its simple the key is training but they real key is these beautiful intuitive therapist in Bali, they are the key to our success.”

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