June 2017

132 APAC / June 2017 , The British Club was founded tomeet the needs of the British community and was pleased to recently receive the Best PrivateMembers Club 2017, after whichwe took the opportunity to profile the firm’s work. The club is also a favourite retreat for over 50 other nationalities and Singaporeans, who together formnearly half the membership. Creating Magical Experiences The British Club is owned by our members who, through an annually elected President and main committee, provide the strategic direction for the general manager and his staff. Registered in January 1983, it took a further three years to complete the clubhouse, which was officially opened in 1987 by HRH Princess Anne. In 2008, they celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our mission is to be the leading international club in Singapore, exceeding the expectations of our members and their families. The British Club’s vision is to provide an exceptional and innovative service, creating magical experiences that connect to the brand. The club’s six core values are: 1. SERVICE MINDSET • We possess a positive attitude, always striving to exceed members’ expectations; • We are service professionals and we display a sense of passion in our work and; • We take pride in our personal appearance, language and behaviour and are responsible for conveying a professional image of the club. 2. INNOVATION • We are original and flexible in creating value and growth. 3. CUSTOMER SERVICE • We treat every member as a VIP and provide the finest personal service; • We satisfy members’ needs by responding to their expressed and unexpressed needs and; • We provide unique, memorable and personal experiences for our members. 4. TEAMWORK • We work harmoniously as a team to achieve the club’s goals and objectives; • We value, promote and support a diverse yet unified workforce and; • We share resources and contribute to the success of each other. 5. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY • We own every member’s problem as we receive them and resolve it to the member’s satisfaction; • We are responsible for creating a safe, secure and accident free environment for all members and employees and; • We protect and care for the club’s property and assets. 6. APPRECIATION • We treat every employee and member as a valued guest in the club always and; • We duly reward and recognise employees for meaningful contributions made to the club. 3 steps of service 1. WARM WELCOME • Address all members by name; • Open doors, helping members with their prams, bags etc. and; • Sincere greetings. 2. MAGIC MOMENT Create a compelling moment by: • Exceeding members’ expectations and; • Going the extra mile. 3. FOND FAREWELL • Satisfied and happy members become loyal members and; • Create lasting impressions. Company: The British Club Name: Cynthia Setho Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.britishclub.org.sg Address: 73 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289761 Telephone: +65 6410 1100 ASB17019

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