June 2017

130 APAC / June 2017 , NORDAD is first and foremost a service company, operating 24/7 - 365 days a year. As winner of the Best Car & Bike Sourcing Services Company award, we could not miss the opportunity to profile the superb work of this firm. The Road to Success NORDAD’s job representing you begins when you begin looking for your car; our job ends years later when you have sold that same car. Let’s face it, outside of buying a home, your car is the most expensive purchase many of us make. Our primary investment is in our staff. Each one of them is a professional and an expert in their field. From our sourcing agents to our full-time mechanics – each NORDAD employee believes in and lives by our code of ethics and takes pride in his or her work. We believe that our investment in quality staff is our customer’s greatest security. The firm’s sourcing agents have years of experience in the automotive business in Singapore. They know cars; they know the dealers; they know the mechanics; they know the exporters and they know the red-tape and bureaucratic routine. This accumulated wealth of knowledge works for each NORDAD client. Nordad is a better consignment option because: • We don’t charge you a fee unless we sell it - That way there is no loss in trying; • We limit the number of cars a salesperson can handle so you get someone very focused on selling your car 24hrs a day, 7 days a week; • We take the photos, register, and advertise the car for you; • No prank and pesky phone calls from people who now have your mobile number; • Our sales people have a long-standing history in the Motor Vehicle market; • If the potential buyer has a trade-in, we can handle this for you; • You get full access to your car during the transaction and; • Consignment is a way of selling your car directly to an individual, while leaving the selling and administrative matters to a professional. There are no fixed costs to this. In the market to sell your car? Firstly, you must market the car and advertise it. Sometimes the photos don’t fit, and just sometimes, they are the wrong shots. Once your phone numbers are out there in the wilderness, you get calls from dealers, telemarketers, insurers, financiers and even pranksters. These calls may not even stop when your car is sold? Small hour calls may be something you have to contend with. If you get through this unscathed of course, you then must find time to arrange a viewing of the car for potential buyers who often don’t turn up. Imagine the agony! To top it all off, there are the buyers who offer pathetic bids for your car? They are wasting your precious time” Want to buy a car? Tired of trying to find the best car at the right price? We have the solution. NORDAD is a car sourcing specialist - NOT a car dealer. We don’t represent a car manufacturer or attempt to sell you our stock. NORDAD represents YOU from start to finish. • Access the inventory of local dealers and individuals; • Scout the right car at the right price; • Negotiate the best possible price on your purchase, NORDAD works for you; • We are your personal representative and; • Simply tell us what you want, give us the price parameters. We’ll do the rest” Nordad’s fees and responsibilities • Source the best valued car in the Singapore market; • Background checks on shortlisted cars (mileage checks, conditions etc.); • Physical showing of the shortlisted cars; • Handle all necessary paperwork and; • We only charge a minimum of 1% or $800 (or whichever is higher), but only if we find you a car. Benefits of using Nordad • Use our connections in the market; • Use our expertise on sourcing the best condition and quality of vehicle; • You have more free time on your hands – you don’t have to spend precious time kicking tyres; • As we are independent, we look for the car that is best for you; • You get all paperwork settled – no need queuing and running around and; • You are not charged for anything unless we source your car. This makes us risk free. So why not give us a try? Company: Nordad Pte. Ltd. Name: Damien Pang Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.nordad.com.sg Address: 1557 Keppel Road 02-18A, Singapore 089066 Telephone: +65 6354 4555 ASB17016

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