June 2017

APAC / June 2017 125 , SilverSea Asset Management are bringing traditional values to a global organisation o offer a complete and quality service to clients. A Global Network with Asian Values Tops the Industry Founded in 2011, SilverSea Asset Management is a Multi-Family Office providing financial services and independent advice to qualified global accredited private clients (HNWI) and family offices. Their expertise in providing independent financial services and advice is strengthened by their resourcefulness and ability to collaborate with professionals across various disciplines to meet the financial needs of their clients. Transparency, clarity and trust are the key cornerstones of the business. Listening to and understanding client needs has been the foundation of their success. Open and honest conversations are key elements for a successful and sustainable partnership. In a financial industry under pressure to deliver constant results and economies of scale, SilverSea has the advantage and privilege of patiently servicing and advising a limited number of discerning clients. SilverSea are seasoned investors with a deep understanding of the financial industry. To implement their clients’ personal investment strategies, the company combine their investment experience together with their extensive network of specialists and professionals. SilverSea has consistently followed a conservative investment approach, allowing them to protect and grow their clients’ wealth under diverse market conditions. Rigorous due diligence and evaluation process are used for each investment opportunity. Understanding and managing the downside risk is essential in assessing investment opportunities, while co-investing with clients clearly aligns their mutual interest. By listening to clients’ needs and objectives, SilverSea work collaboratively to create bespoke investment solutions. SilverSea investment team will provide clients with investment advice and support in their financial decisions. Allowing clients to make the final decisions in all transactions. They can also liaise with banks on their clients’ behalf for best execution and transaction processes. SilverSea will tailor a bespoke mandate for each clients’ investment profile. This portfolio is managed in accordance with the company’s in-house investment strategy and the clients’ investment guidelines. Dedicated client advisors keep clients updated and update them regularly on the activities and performance of their portfolio. These customised solutions, expertise and responsive service ensure that client needs, such as legacy planning, insurance, estate planning or real estate needs are met and exceeded. Whilst coordinating and collaborating with professionals from the legal, insurance, estate, business, tax disciplines to provide the scale of planning advice and resources required by High Net Worth Individuals. SilverSea has strong relationships with leading private banks and clients have the freedom to select the best fit per their needs. The company is also able to assist clients with recommendations as required and work closely with reputable trust and tax planning partners to complement their services. For clients who are happy to keep their assets at their existing private bank, SilverSea can be added with Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA), therefore there is no necessity to switch banks. SilverSea is granted with a Limited Power of Attorney for investment management only. All bank accounts are set up under their clients preferred legal setup and they remain the sole beneficial owners. As an Independent Asset Manager, SilverSea are only authorised to give trading instructions to the custodian bank. The Limited Power of Attorney can be revoked anytime at the clients’ will, giving them full control and flexibility. To govern the terms of their services, clients will first sign an Investment Management Agreement with SilverSea. This agreement outlines the service level, fee arrangement, client’s risk appetite and investment focus and provides another element of security to all transactions. SilverSea believe in clear and regular communication with their clients and provide regular investment updates and market research. The company maintains a transparent fee structure to ensure fair dealing practices. SilverSea’s clients have access to an extended range of investment solutions, providing them with more flexibility and independent investment advice. Company: SilverSea Asset Management Name: Thomas Anderegg Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.silverseaam.com Address: 73 Tras Street, Singapore, 79012, SG Telephone: 0065 6908 0325 1702WF22

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