June 2017

12 APAC / June 2017 , MS17020 Storming the Seas Superyacht Crew International has a worldwide reach as a crew recruitment agency. We recently invited the Superyacht Crew International Director, DonnaMorris to tell us more about the dynamic company. Based in Sydney Australia, which is a thriving yachting centre, Superyacht Crew International serves their local industry. With many international clients with very large yachts and/or fleets, Superyacht Crew International have excellent experience in the ‘over 80m’ sector, as Donna explains. “Our business is growing steadily and we put this down to ‘the good word spreading’. Happy clients will always speak well when you do a great job. “Additionally, we have another arm to our business which is ‘Elite Domestic Staff’ who we place in private service once they’ve finished their yachting careers and wish to be land- based. It’s going extremely well and becoming more and more popular.” Recently, Superyacht Crew International were successful in APAC Insiders Maritime & Shipping Awards, Donna praises the talented team. “Of course I am 100% proud of the Superyacht Crew International team of recruiters. From the start of their employment I have mentored their growth and professional development. As such, it gives me great pleasure to share this award with such a wonderful cooperative group of people who care about their clients and candidates, but who work long and hard to ensure that the best fit is found.” The philosophy behind this award-winning client service, Donna notes the ways in which Superyacht Crew International maintain the high standards she has set across the company. “One thing we firmly believe is that clients want to feel like you have understood them. Respecting our clients’ time and will only ever send them candidates that fit their specification. They respond well to our approach and our excellent communications. Our tam provides honest advice when it’s needed and give clients’ (and crew) the benefit of our industry experience. Both myself and Richard Morris (Superyacht Crew International Director), co-won an award in 2016 as ‘Superyacht Industry Champion’ for their efforts towards the Superyacht industry in Australia. “We maintain our standards by never losing sight of our goals. As a team, we collaborate, share, discuss and brainstorm about how we can best reach the results we are seeking for our clients.” Australia is a developing yachting industry. Over the last 15 years, Superyacht Crew International have witnessed a steady growth in the number of resident yachts. Despite the effects of the GFC, Australia has remained economically buoyant, and new yacht owners are entering the industry whilst more seasoned owners are upgrading their yachts. Crew with international sophisticated yachting experience are returning to work domestically and this is a great thing for the growth of the industry in Australia. However, there are some challenges as Donna points out. “The challenges to the local charter industry are really about getting the word out to overseas visitors that chartering is excellent here and that there’s much to see and do and impressive world-class yachts to fulfil their needs for luxury and comfort during their travels.” Within the wider maritime and shipping market, Donna discusses developments within the industry and how Superyacht Crew International will work to adapt around these. “The adoption of MLC 2006 by the yachting industry has been a very positive step forward in terms of ensuring the longevity of crew in the industry. More and more rotational roles are being offered to crew which affords them the opportunity of maintaining their career whilst keeping their personal lives going strong. Rotational crew come back from their swing with a renewed energy after being able to rejuvenate their attitude and reconnect with friends and family. They are also able to attend further training courses to keep up and progress their careers.” Looking ahead, Donna reflects on the prevalent trends that occurred within the industry over the past 12-months but highlights the exciting plans that are on the horizon for the company. “Over the last year, there seems to be a big shortage of experienced senior crew for yachts over the 80m size. This is no surprise given the fact that yacht builds seem to be getting bigger and bigger. “Interior training has become the benchmark now for stewardesses which is a very good thing. The PYA GUEST initiative has been a godsend to the industry and is giving all interior crew a career path to follow and confidence that they are reaching the standards. “Moving forward, we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. We love assisting crew into great jobs that