June 2017

APAC / June 2017 115 , Alissi Brontë is a laboratory specializing inHigh Scientific Natural Cosmetics and Professional Dermatological Makeup, resulting frommore than 40 years of experience and research in the fields of Biochemistry and International Cosmetology. The Prestige of High Natural Cosmetics with Organic Ingredients Over the years, Alissi Brontë have developed exclusive natural formulas based on aromatic essences, botanical and marine extracts, with thermal waters at an exceptional concentration, to create unique and customized treatments, rituals and makeups. Alissi Brontë draws its origins from 1969 when its founder, Alicia Pérez-Aragó, opened in Murcia, Spain, the first Beauty Institute and the first Aesthetics School designed for women. In 1970, ‘Alexia’ became the first Training Academy for the future professional beauticians in the region of Murcia. A few years later, it was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, having been recognized by the Official State Gazette. At that time, the Academy had hundreds of students and extensive facilities, making it one of the most modern and advanced schools of the time. All this experience of training professionals and the knowledge of their needs would be crucial for the subsequent development of the products. In 1981, after thousands of kilometres travelled throughout the world, years of research and development to find the latest products, treatments and comprehensive beauty techniques, and in response to the needs of the beauty professionals, Alissi Brontë was born. Created by the renowned Scientific and Surgeon, Dr. Mariano Sánchez, and a recognized beauty professional wishing to create a cosmetic solution for the most demanding skins. The main objective of Alissi Brontë Laboratories is to maintain the highest standards in terms of purity and maximum quality of products. This was the beginning of what has become the most advanced brand of High Scientific Natural Cosmetics, always at the forefront of beauty, strictly controlled and pioneer in the research and development of new formulas. In 1994, the business became a Corporation run by three of Alicia and Dr. Mariano’s children. Mariano Sanchez, Export Manager, graduated in Economics and Business and University Expert in Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy. Sylvia Sanchez, Commercial Manager, professor of aesthetics and Marketing Specialist; and Tamara Sanchez, Production Manager, specialist in human resources and supervisor in the Research Laboratories, forming a strong team covering all sectors of the business. Alissi Brontë soon expanded its activities to the rest of Spain, and in 1998, as a consolidated company with a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, entered the international market. Alissi Brontë products are currently present in many countries in Europe, America and Asia such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, USA, Mexico and many others. Following this trend, Alissi Brontë is performing rigorous studies to continue expanding its market, participating in worldwide exhibitions such as Cosmoprof Bologna, Cosmoprof Hong Kong, etc. Few companies in the world have a success story like ours, because in over 30 years we have become a company leader in the cosmetic sector with recognition throughout the world. Dynamism and flexibility, market growth oriented, leadership, innovation and development, prudence in risk and financial strength are the features with which our company was founded and we have kept them until today. Contact: Mr. Mariano Sánchez Email: [email protected] Company: Alissi Bronte C/Uruguay, Parcela 18/1, Pol. Industrial Oeste 30169 San Ginés, Murcia, Spain Telephone: +34 968 88 43 11 1705AP03

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