June 2017

114 APAC / June 2017 , Waterway Constructions is one of the largest specialist maritime contractors on the East Coast of Australia - construction andmaintenance. Mal Hiley tells us more about the firmand what the future has in store for the sector. Water, Water Everywhere Mal was instrumental in the establishment of Waterway Constructions in 1993, when together with Jim Millar, and the pair facilitated the staff and management buy-out of the wharf maintenance section of the then NSW Maritime Services Board. Starting with 10 worker shareholders, the firm has built Waterway into one the major wharf construction and maintenance specialists in Australia. In 2010, waterway joined the Keller Group which is the largest independent piling and ground engineering company in the world. Keller provides the substance and opportunity for waterway to continue to grow within the region. Mal tells us more about the firm and its approach to ensuring clients always receive the best possible outcome. “It is Waterway’s mission to be a major specialist in the construction and maintenance of marine infrastructure including wharves, navigation structures and bridges. In doing so the work must be delivered safely, profitably and to the client’s satisfaction. “It has always been a hallmark of Waterway’s to fully understand the client’s requirements and effectively place ourselves in their position with respect to expectations,” he explains. “It is essential to develop a trusting working relationship based on collaboration to optimise project outcomes.” Waterway differentiates itself from the competition through the quality and style of its staff, and its commitment to collaboration and excellence in all aspects of work undertaken. “We have a great reputation for reliability in delivery of complex projects based on our strong engineering capability,” Mal states “We self-perform our projects with experienced long-term staff supported by a strong training and development program including an outstanding apprenticeship program in which we currently have 15 apprentices in training. “At Waterway we have a strong ‘family’ culture which derives from the way in which the company grew from a small, close-knit group that was committed to the success of the company. This has always been underpinned by a caring attitude towards our staff and the ethic of treating others with respect and a helpful attitude.” Marine construction in Australia has been strongly influenced by the requirements of the resource sector over recent years, however Mal tells us that this has declined markedly over the past two years, particularly in Western Australia and Queensland, and Waterway is able to stay focused in order to succeed. “As an island nation with most major cities located on the seaboard, there is no shortage of marine structures and bridges requiring construction or maintenance. The sector is subject to the usual economic cycles of government budget constraints and private sector investment confidence. “It is important to concentrate in your areas of expertise and whilst always keeping an eye out for new opportunities, not to venture into areas too far from our core capabilities.” “Notwithstanding a current downturn in marine activity, I remain confident in the medium to longer term. I would expect an increasing emphasis on maintenance of marine structures given the aggressive environment and Waterway is looking at opportunities in this area. “My confidence in our future is most guided by the quality of our outstanding staff across the company who have a pride in both their work and working for Waterway.” Company: Waterway Constructions Website: www.waterway.com.au Address: Level 1,104 Victoria Road, Rozelle NSW 2039 Telephone: 02 9555 2211 1702AP19

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