June 2017

108 APAC / June 2017 , 1705AP01 Delivering Cost -Effective Outcomes The SMART Group specialise in providing a broad range of successful sales solutions. As a winner if the Best Small Business – Australia, we invited the firm to profile their innovative and wide-ranging solutions. Whatever your requirements, The SMART Group will work closely with you to provide an innovative solution delivering a cost-effective outcome for your business. Through the utilisation of an expansive labour force, The SMART Group has the capability and flexibility to adjust our workforce to meet and maintain our clients service levels. Our operations team is experien- ced in developing reporting frameworks including inbound and outbound call flow reports, interaction results, handling times, customer satisfaction levels and many other metrics that allow an understanding of service performance. Our success at The SMART Group starts and ends with our people. Our employees are our greatest asset. Utilising the latest technology for clients and your customers, our expert team; • Uses technology to improve customer service satisfaction levels through easy to use platforms that increase your brand advocacy; • Improves productivity and workflow through efficient automated processes and; • Develops and implements strategic work force management. Contact centre solutions Our contact centre services can meet a large variety of customer requirements, including: • Build and develop a client base by driving acquisition through outbound or inbound contact; • Provide additional customer service capacity to deal with variable call volumes; • Handle and process customer sales requests due to new products or services being released and; • Provide ongoing support and customer service to existing customers. Field marketing The field marketing division of The SMART Group provides residential door to door, shopping centre kiosks, promotions and business-to-business sales services across Australia. Our key offerings include: 1. Market segmentation and propensity modelling, enabling you to ‘cherry pick’ the areas that are most likely to purchase your products; 2. Our client brands are well represented with experienced and highly trained sales agents; 3. Extensive business knowledge in relation to setting appointments, gathering data and minimising exceptions and; 4. Access to market leading technology which allows paperless tablet-based solutions that: • Improves customer experience; • Allows efficiency of sales processes; • Provides real time visibility for clients to track sales activities plus; • Specifies individual customer interaction and sales performance. • Removal of homes and businesses that are part of your exclusions list. Lead generation services The demand for high volume pre-qualified leads and interested prospects is growing as The Smart Group’s most emerging sales channel. Working with several businesses we prospect, qualify and promote their products and services to create a warm lead. These leads are then available for their internal sales teams, to follow up via a telephone call, or an in-home appointment. Using our well skilled sales team, the results and quality of our leads have been very promising with high levels of conversion. Contact centre consultancy The SMART Group provide contact centre consultancy services externally to clients who are looking to maximise the performance of their own in-house operations. Our professional services department focuses on 7 key areas: 1. Training; 2. Performance management process; 3. Management structure; 4. Service levels; 5. Business / campaign strategy; 6. Technology and; 7. Cost reduction strategies. Talent acquisition The SMART Group utilise a variety of recruitment and selection techniques to ensure we find the best possible talent for our clients. No two campaigns are the same and as such our recruitment strategies vary accordingly. Training We provide a comprehensive four tier training programme delivered by our qualified and established industry professionals. This includes compliance processes, extensive client and product training and most importantly – end to end sales training. Our aim is to ensure new representatives display confidence and knowledge prior to representing their brand. Quality The business adheres to legislation specified in the Australian Consumer Law and complies with all industry requirements. Extensive training, scripting and reviews of all sales calls ensure our teams are meeting best practises. Compliance and quality processes are a huge influence on The SMART Group’s daily operations. By maintaining high standards in these areas, the integrity of the business and the clients we represent is protected. Ongoing development Through one-on-ones, call coaching, staff surveys, performance reviews, reward and

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