June 2017

106 APAC / June 2017 , 1702AP44 Independent in Spirit and Thought At BANJO, we exist for our clients. Without themwe are nothing. It’s not about us, or you. It’s about our clients first. We are one agency. We abhor ‘us v them’. We communicate early, collaborate often and celebrate together. In a world of sameness. In a market dominated by holding companies. In a category consumed by itself. And in a time when legendary and lasting brand stories seem lost to fanciful, flash-in-the pan campaigns, Banjo has established itself. An agency set-up against the status quo. Doing its own thing. Independent in spirit and thought. Always willing to have a go. Backing its collective instincts. Fiercely Australian. Self-conscious, at times. Self-deprecating, usually. Self- serving, never. Celebrating its clients and their brands, always. Getting on and getting it done. Having a laugh. Appreciating what each person brings. Encouraging each other to do better. Unified in purpose: to create great, enduring Australian brand stories that sell. This is BANJO. One agency only works when there is respect. We have the greatest respect for each other’s unique abilities. We stand up and take account for our actions. We don’t lay blame elsewhere. We man up and own up. We think in ideas first, executions last. We know ideas are the masters, channels their playgrounds and executions their servants. We know nothing that is truly great comes easy. We are prepared to think critically, challenge, question, debate so we all make great. Everyone knows it can’t be done. Until it is done. Be the first. We fight fear. We accept risk and push forward without regard for failure. We live comfortably in the unknown. We see opportunity everywhere. We know no boundaries. We grow together by challenging, exploring and creating. We believe if we’re not having fun we’re not doing it right. Play brings out the best in us and makes BANJO a better place. Our capabilities DISCOVERY - Finding the insights for brands, products, channels, platforms and culture. • Trend analysis; • Competitor analysis; • Media and channel analysis; • Digital and technology audits; • Internal staff pulse surveys; • Stakeholder interviews and research and; • Qualitative and quantitative research. DEVELOPMENT - Creating the big ideas to be shared. • Brand and advertising ideas; • Brand identity design; • Brand strategy, architecture and portfolio planning; • Communication and engagement strategy – content, social, platform, channel, media, stakeholder touch points; • Product development, industrial design and services development; • Packaging design; • Physical environments, POS and experiential; • Digital, UX, IA and design; • Digital technical development for any platform and device; • Digital optimisation and usability testing; • Content creation and executions for all platforms and channels and; • Content and execution testing (quality and quantity). DELIVERY - Making and optimising the big ideas for any platform, device and channel. • Brand and advertising ideas; • Production of brand, retail, direct, digital, social, experiential, internal, stakeholder and investor communications; • Measurement, management and reporting of communications and; • Platform hosting, deployment, testing, publishing and search optimisation.

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