June 2017

104 APAC / June 2017 , to interactively and automatically analyse design variants, to find the optimal design for manufacturing while minimising the use of physical prototypes. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) commonly refers to the use of numerical control (NC) computer software applications, to create detailed instructions (G-code) that drive computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools for manufacturing parts. Manufacturers in a variety of industries depend on the capabilities of CAM to produce high-quality parts. Manufacturers also rely on CAM as engineers can define a manufacturing plan for tooling design, computer-aided design (CAD) model preparation, NC programming, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection programming, machine tool simulation, or post- processing. With these plans generated, only then execution take place in a production environment, such as direct numerical control (DNC), tool management, CNC machining, or CMM execution. Digital manufacturing Digital manufacturing is the use of an integrated, computer- based system comprised of simulation, three - dimensional (3D) visualisation, analytics and various collaboration tools to create product and manufacturing process definitions simultaneously. Evolving from manufacturing initiatives such as design for manufacturability (DFM), computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), flexible manufacturing, lean manufacturing and others that highlight the need for more collaborative product and process design. Digital manufacturing had become the key point of integration, between PLM and various shop floor applications and equipment, enabling the exchange of product-related information between design and manufacturing groups. This alignment allows manufacturing companies to achieve their time-to- market and volume goals, as well as realise cost savings by reducing expensive downstream changes. With digital manufacturing systems, manufacturing engineers can create the complete definition of a manufacturing process in a virtual environment, which includes tooling, assembly lines, work centres, facility layout, ergonomics and resources. Plastic injection moulding simulation solution Plastic injection moulding simulation solution provides true 3D simulation and visualisation technology you need for in-depth simulation of the widest application range of injection moulding processes to optimise product design and manufacturability, shorten time- to-market, and maximise product ROI. Product data management (PDM) Product data management (PDM) is use of software to manage product data and process-related information in a single and central system. This information includes computer-aided design (CAD) data, models, parts information, manufacturing instructions, requirements, notes and documents. The ideal PDM system is accessible by multiple applications and multiple teams across an organisation, and supports business-specific needs. In any industry, a company that choose the right PDM will be able to build a solid foundation that can be easily expanded into a full product lifecycle management (PLM) platform. Besides that, the PDM system also provides solutions for secure data management, process enablement, and configuration management to the companies. Technology solutions Technology solutions enable companies to increase productivity, deliver competitiveness and costs savings with end-to-end state of the art technology infrastructure solutions. Cloud computing Cloud computing, often referred to as simply ‘The Cloud’, is the delivery of on-demand computing resources - everything from applications to data centres - over the internet on a pay-for-use basis. With cloud computing you will be able to: • Scale up or down quickly and easily to meet demand; • Metered service so you only pay for what you use and; • All the IT resources you need with self-service access. We can help you deploy the following cloud models tailored to your business needs: • Public Cloud; • Private Cloud and; • Hybrid Cloud. Data management / Data protection Your data is your key strategic asset. With our storage and Enterprise Backup Management solutions, we can help you protect your business-critical data from outside threats while making sure it remains accessible and useable across the organisation. End-user computing In the Mobile-Cloud era, organisations are tapping into a new model for end-user computing that enables seamless movement from desktop, to laptop, to tablet, to phone, to car with applications, content and devices coming to life anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Enterprise security solutions Security comes down to three big issues: sophisticated threats, complex regulations, and increased needs as IT evolves. Ensure protection for your organisation with integrated security across your network. Adaptive threat and data protection follows your data wherever it goes and won’t slow you down—protecting against data breach and business disruption from gateway to endpoint. Hardware maintenance Hardware problems can be notoriously frustrating—not to mention costly. Make it simple with our hardware maintenance services. Our extensive, customisable range of maintenance and hardware support services for multivendor systems lets you quickly and conveniently resolve hardware issues from a single point. In addition to the standard warranty coverage for your hardware provided by vendors, we offer extended warranties and maintenance services to protect your hardware investments and to minimise downtime due to hardware failure. Virtualisation Virtualisation is the key to optimisation and consolidation of organisation IT infrastructure. This helps you to build – most optimised, agile and cost effective data centre. Virtualisation also help you to be green and build scalable solution as per your business need. Our Allied Digital virtualisation solution is applicable across the IT Infrastructure - desktop, storage, server, network, datacenter and IT systems environments. Our solution help you to adopt most effective and efficient way for the business to access Infrastructure-as-a- Service, virtualisation enables you to rapidly respond to challenges and opportunities in their marketplace.

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