June 2017

100 APAC / June 2017 , 1702AP41 The Right Tool for the Job The story of Tooltech Pty Ltd begins in 1967, when Peter Scott and his wife Heather, began a small tooling business - Tooltech Products - at Bulimba in Queensland. We took the opportunity to profile the firm’s background and its success in the present day. In 1967, Peter Scott and his wife Heather, began a small tooling business - Tooltech Products - at Bulimba in Queensland. With a great deal of risk, hard work and determination, Peter grew his business and in 1978 moved premises to a new industrial park being established at Carole Park, which borders Brisbane and Ipswich. Peter realised the future was in plastics, and began purchasing small plastic injection moulding machines. His vision was to offer customers the option to have their moulds designed and built at the same factory where the moulding was done. The toolmakers would also be available to service and repair moulds faster than having modifications made off-site. Nearly 20 years later, it was advised that Tooltech Products should become a proprietary company and so Tooltech Pty Ltd was established, with Peter as its managing director. The company continued expanding with each injection moulding machine purchased, larger than the previous. Over the years, new buildings were erected, original buildings had roofs raised and the property next door purchased to become a storage warehouse. Peter’s children are actively involved in the company and after Peter’s passing in 1999, his son Wayne, took over the reins as managing director and his youngest daughter Amanda, is involved in marketing and I.T. support. Wayne is continuing to grow the business, further expanding the international customer base which had just begun during Peter’s time and upgrading and replacing some of the older machines. The company not only has long- term, loyal staff members but also many long-term customers. Their customers know that they can rely on the firm to get their jobs done in the fastest time possible, with quality in mind all the way. For nearly 50 years, Australian family owned and operated Tooltech Pty Ltd takes their client’s ideas from concept to a reality. Their team of expert designers, toolmakers and production staff will always seek to optimise the outcome for clients and their products. The firm offers a complete solution to all your moulding requirements. While they are contract moulders, they also produce a large range of their own products servicing the aquaculture, hospitality and furniture industries plus products used for materials handling amongst other things. Tooltech Pty Ltd are proud to be the most experienced one stop shop in Brisbane, Qld. They employ over fifty skilled technicians, trades persons and process workers to carry out the prime activities of: • Product design; • Design and manufacture of tooling; • Plastic injection moulding; • Precision engineering; • 3D Printing and; • Prototyping. They pride themselves on delivering quality products to their customers throughout both Australia and internationally, plus they adhere to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certification. Some of their newer customers have come to them, after being disappointed by cheap overseas manufacturers, who supplied them with poorly made products which costed more. Engineering The firm’s engineering division specialises in the production of larger plastic injection moulds, to suit their substantial moulding facility. These are built for both their proprietary products and under contract for other companies, for which they undertake injection moulding. The facility is sited alongside the plastic injection moulding department, allowing for a one stop shop approach in delivering a client’s concept from the start right through to reality. This has given the firm a wealth of experience in all facets of production, allowing the skilled team add value to the customer’s products, while minimising delays due to modifications or breakdowns. Using the benefits of a state of the art CAD/CAM system, the firm can enhance all tool and product design. They are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for clients. Tooltech has active interests in a range of areas such as: • Aquaculture; • Furniture; • Materials handling; • Mining; • Water • Infrastructure & construction and; • Agriculture. Plastic injection moulding The plastic injection moulding division, specialises in small to large mouldings, encompassing most plastics from the polyolefins through to the more demanding. They have 15 machines, predominately in the 125 to 1500 tonne clamp range, allowing the production of substantial mouldings such as the largest tray at length of 2.4 metres. By maximising the use of the firm’s skilled toolmaking division, they can maintain a reliable supply of products at a level of consistent quality. The firm’s overriding ethos is to work with clients to achieve superior outcomes, by taking as much interest in their products as they do in their own. They also welcome customers who wish to onshore their products back to

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