June 2017

10 APAC / June 2017 , “Establishing and running an office in China can present some unique networking and local compliance problems that affect all foreign organizations. Over our 17-year tenure in China, we have helped many organizations overcome/manage these problems, and have the experience and local expertise to help our clients make cost effective decisions based on their requirements.” What has helped the company to design and manage the IT infrastructure of the clients? And how does SSBG create cost-effective and personalized services for their business growth? Ervis points to the below features: 1. Constant process improvement, which is passed onto our customers in the form of better or more applicable services 2. Diverse expertise & experience supporting multinational customers across multiple industries – we make international standard IT available to businesses operating and growing in Asia 3. Management focus on Pro- Active, instead of Reactive Support Mindset 4. Commitment to constant adaptation of services to meet changing customer needs 5. Investment in our reputation – building long term relationships with our customers 6. Our motto – to make IT a reliable tool for our customers, so they can focus on their business “For example, when designing our support packages, our aim was to create a Prevention Mindset that enables client companies to focus on running their business, instead of dealing with the minutiae of managing their backend systems. “At SSBG, we wanted to give our customers a flexible way to report and track issues. This is something we wanted to enable through an Always Online Ticketing system and by providing a single point of contact for their staff through a dedicated account manager – in any language they need to use. “Our client IT managers need to know that their offices are being properly supported and controlled and we ensure this through our ITIL based Managed Escalation Process and Regular Reporting.” What are the brand solutions offered by SSBG and the company technical proficiency in these solutions? Ervis mentions 4 main areas of support to the clients in Asia: 1. IT Service Outsourcing a. Managed Services b. IT Project Services 2. Asia Based Cloud Hosting a. Virtual Private Server b. Co-Location c. Managed Hosting d. Email Hosting 3. IT System Sourcing and Implementation a. Single Source vendor for hardware & software in Asia 4. Project Management Services a. New Office Builds b. Virtualization Projects c. System Upgrades & Migrations What are the core competencies of SSBG? And how do you distinguish in the market? Ervis touches on some of the core competencies and distinguished values offered to the clients: “Here at SSBG, we feel that we are a leader in our environment because we offer: 1. Transparency – We want our customers to trust us so they can get on with their own businesses a. For example, we will deliver them reports / full disclosure and documentation of their systems 2. Constantly invest in improvement – In our process, tools, and team to increase our service delivery capabilities. We are always looking for new ways to improve how we deliver solutions – whether it is continuing training or education of our staff or simply buying better tools for them to use. 3. Flexibility & Adaptability to customer needs – We build on our services or products to match changing needs of businesses over time. 4. Innovation – First to implement remote support platforms in 2007, when we could not find or buy a ticketing system that would match China business style and language needs. We built our own (used for more than four years from 2009- 2014) and then when a better product was finally available we upgraded again (2014). “Our greatest strength is our management mandate for natural growth within our market. They built a family culture that challenges team members but also, supports personal growth. The decision to remain a non- public company means that they do not make decisions based simply on maximizing growth or profits, but rather on developing mutually beneficial relationships - both with our customers and our personnel. This has allowed us to specialize on pure IT services based on an environment of constant self-evaluation and improvement.”

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