July 2017

8 APAC / July 2017 , 1702AP08 It’s All About People! Marble is a leading recruiter within the building infrastructure, property andmining sectors throughout Australia connecting high demand talent to over 800 clients throughout the region. We recently invited Gary Denton to tell us more about the evolution of their highly dynamic business model. At the core of Marble’s success is an absolute belief that if we can understand a person’s core motivations then we can enhance their life. Our long term strategic vision for the business includes a BHAG (“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”) of enhancing the lives of 50,000 people in 10 years. We started our BHAG mid-2016 and have just notched over the 3,000 mark. Our next big goal is 5,000 lives which will be mighty fulfilling for us all and a time to celebrate. For many years now, the core of our success has been quite simply to be the kind of recruiter that our clients and candidates want us to be. In a market where demand for talent is a constantly evolving and ever changing target, our ability to deliver on both fronts is paramount to our success. Our clients expect us to deliver, and there’s no doubt that our strongest relationships are founded on a deep understanding of our clients needs backed up with a determination to deliver the right talent for their team. Our key driver is to help our clients achieve their goals for their business, their team or division. If we can truly see a candidate the same way that our clients do then we go a long way to solving a key piece of their recruitment puzzle. Our clients place a high value on the detailed understanding that we have of the talent that we are introducing to their business, there’s no better feeling than placing the right fit talent with our client partners. There’s a number of things that candidates or talent should feel confidence around when they are dealing with Marble, we call them ‘moments of truth’. Our candidates naturally want to be sure that we are experts in our field, that we have a deep insight into our clients and that we have access to the right opportunities in the market. When a candidate comes to Marble they should expect to feel a real sense of assurance around how we are able to meet their expectations. We love getting to know people, inside of every candidate there is a story that will lead to their next opportunity. A person’s underlying motivations are driven by having a real sense of purpose, moving further on their journey towards self-mastery and gaining a real sense of accomplishment in what they do. If we can go a little way to helping people achieve this then we’re on the right path. In any situation when you are dealing with someone who is honest, straight and good to deal with then you simply enjoy the relationship more and that’s when the good stuff happens, being able to deliver the right opportunity for our talent is fundamental to what we do, always acting with the best intentions is the key guiding principle that supports the entire journey. As with all industries, Gary says, technological disruption is here to stay, you either get on board and embrace it or put your head on the sand. Having recently spent time in the US looking at the latest tools and technological developments that will enhance our delivery speed and processes, we’re excited about implementing 4 or 5 key streamlining and technological initiatives throughout the 2018 financial year. As Marble has developed over the past 11 years, we have always known that our success will only ever come from the inside out, that means having the right people with the right intentions and the drive and skills to be able to deliver. Purpose, passion and performance are the hallmarks of the Marble team. We like to refer to ourselves as a championship winning racehorse and that isn’t for changing! Going a little deeper into our internal culture, we enjoy looking at our business in relatively simple terms and have broken down the keys to delivering results for our clients and candidates into very simple metrics. We have rhythms in the business that will allow us to keep us aligned with these simple measures of success which in turn give us a lot of space to focus on the ongoing development needs of the team. Recently 20 leaders within the business had an extremely powerful time identifying the words that in 2017 make up the cultural backbone of Marble. Marble’s core values are • Challenge the Norm • Our Detail is the Difference • Best Intentions. • Turn up, Turn on. • Support like Family. We now believe that our values are so strong that we recruit based on them, we acknowledge and reward based on them and we celebrate based on them too. Finding the right people for our business is always an enjoyable process, At the heart of Marble, we know that recruitment is not for the faint hearted but we are able to provide the training, the support, the career development, the camaraderie and sense of purpose that for the right people creates a work home that they are super proud to belong to, this has and always will be completely pivotal to the success of the business. The future is extremely bright for Marble, after delivering another record year of revenue in 2017 we now know that we have the strategy, the tools and the leadership framework to take our business to the next level. We will continue growing organically throughout Australia and looking forward to further expanding both our market and geographical footprint in the coming years.