July 2017

APAC / July 2017 21 Company: Management Consultancy International Pty Ltd Name: Avron Newstadt Email: [email protected] Web Address: mci.edu.au Address: 4/23 Hunter Street Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Telephone: +61 1300 768 550 Tailor-Made Approach g is activity based – no longer sitting at the table listening to people, the participants will be up and doing most the work by participating.” If those options aren’t enough for you, then read on as there are more including a new LMS with a real ROI, as well as blended and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) training. “A new generation of Learning Management Systems that incorporate evidence based learning methodologies and deliver training that ticks all the boxes. Cloud based means that you have no technology to fuss with, performance is never an issue, new features are automatically added, and all your material is available on every kind of device, anywhere “For organisations that require the flexibility of an online course and some face-to-face sessions. Blended training enhances the corporate training experience by providing the best of all learning models, online and face-to-face. “RPL recognises a person’s current skills and knowledge. We formally acknowledge how and where previous learning has occurred.” Finally, Avron highlights MCI Solutions true passion, but highlights that they are serious about their social responsibility as a company. “At MCI Solutions, we are passionate about training and how having motivated and engaged staff can have a great impact on the success of a business. We appreciate the benefits that education has brought into our lives and our company. To give back to others less fortunate than ourselves we are involved in some community minded activities and charities including Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day, Our Big Kitchen and Northcott.”