July 2017

16 APAC / July 2017 , 1704AP15 A Customer Focused Service Computer Services & Information Technology Ltd known (CSIT) designs, supplies, installs and provides support services for business networks and computers, including wide area networks, to small tomid-sized Auckland-based businesses. CEOAlex Locatelli reveals more about the firm’s professional service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Computer Services & Information Technology Ltd (CSIT), was formed in 2004 by Alex Locatelli, who saw a need in the market place for an IT support company that could supply a customer focused service. During the period that the company has been in operation, its client base has grown to over 200, 95% of which approached the company because of word of mouth from existing clients who were happy with the level of service and pricing they received. CEO Alex Locatelli explains how the company provides hassle free services, plus he details three key aspects of their work. “With the proliferation of computer system and software manufacturers, as well as the complications of maintaining different systems within a single network, it is important to have a support partner who understands the needs of the small to medium-sized businesses. That’s where computer services and information technology come in. At CSIT, we take the hassle out of designing, installing, upgrading and maintaining your network system. “CSIT understands that if your system is down, it can be costly to your business in terms of sales, operations, and customer service. Our remote support technology can usually resolve most issues via the internet, proving highly cost-effective support. This service minimises downtime. “We can also talk to us about our choice of network support plans, which allows you to customise maintenance and support, to fully meet your company’s needs. In addition, our technical team are all Microsoft Certified Professionals, with many years’ experience between them in managing information technology for small to medium-sized businesses.” CSIT offers the following basic service, but underlines that these are dependent on what a client’s specific needs are, so the company is not restricted to going above and beyond when required. • IT infrastructure design, building and implementation; • Server installation and maintenance; • Server/system migration; • VM server maintenance and backups; • Proactive monitoring; • Supply hardware and software; • All sort of IT maintenance and support; • Service level agreements and; • Remote and onsite support. As CEO of the group, Alex says that a simple measure of a good partner is when all his staff, without any prompting, offer glowing reports. He is keen to explain more about his committed team and the nature of the company’s client base. “The productivity yields from the changes I have made are clear and tangible in the daily operations of B&F. The team here consists of six members, all who are fully qualified to handle our client’s needs. “CSIT operate mainly in the Auckland area, which is easy accessible, but we also handle work in areas where our clients have branched out into, such as Australia, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington. The company offers its client base solutions to all their needs, supplying cost effectiveness, advice and options on what systems are most suitable.” In closing, Alex highlights CSIT’s mission, future developments and how they deal with competition. “Looking to the future, our mission is to be able to open satellite branches in the remainder of New Zealand’s key areas, offering our customer focused IT Support and customer satisfaction. “In terms of future developments, we have now started to supply and install CCTV tour clients, specialising in Mobotix as a preferred system. In New Zealand, health and safety is of the utmost importance so with the use of CCTV, accidents can easily be identified and actual footage shown as a tool for lecturing and educating on what not to do and how to prevent accidents. It also acts as a security deterrent. “Our competitors are on every street corner, indeed the amount of ‘so-called’ IT engineers is scary as most of the time, they do more damage than good. We have discovered this, after we have taken over clients, who previously used this cheaper type of service. “We outdo our competitors - simply by ensuring that our customers can reach us 24/7 - and that we speak in layman terms can be identified with. If we were to identify a type of award, then we would choose one that would show that customer satisfaction and professional service, are both key to success for us and our customers.”