July 2017

10 APAC / July 2017 , MS17021 Delivering the Goods PT Global International Express is a dynamic and growing international freight forwarding company. As the proud recipient of the Best International Freight Forwarding Company – Indonesia award, we interviewed a spokesperson from the firm to find out more about their valuable work. PT Global International Express is a dynamic and growing international freight forwarding, with a worldwide network, providing clients with one stop service and comprehensive range of freight-managed services tailored to meet their individual needs. Before we find out more about the firm, the spokesperson is eager to reveal their thoughts on winning the Best International Freight Forwarding Company – Indonesia. “We believe that Global International Express, (GIX)’s success and progress can be attributed to the trust that we have been given from our customers and will continue to build on.” The spokesperson then draws our attention to the firm’s impeccable track record, their ethos around customer service and how they stay at the forefront of emerging developments. “Over the years, PT Global International Express have established a track record for the safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of freight, based on flexible customer service and we offer clients the benefits of a package tailored to their individual needs and timescales. “We believe in win-win relationship, adding value to our customers and continuous improvement of our people and system. We believe that information and knowledge are keys to your logistic efficiency. We believe that happy people provide a better service. “We cannot ensure that we will be at the forefront of any emerging developments and trends, but we will follow any changes on the landscape. To provide the best quality services for our clients, we will invest in technology to provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective service.” The spokesperson moves the conversation towards the region that the firm is based in and the challenges and opportunities this presents to them. “Reaching the market and tapping the resource in this archipelago of diverse terrain and long distance, not to mention the lack of infrastructure – presents a significant challenge for any business organisation. “Not all shipments are created equal, from a fragile painting to ship spare parts with steel structure, from small can of liquid chemical to over sizes of machinery, with knowledge and years of experience, you can lean Global international Express for the best solution. “During our experiences in this industry, we have accumulated precious understanding and knowledge, which enabled the best solutions to be submitted to our customer.” In closing, the spokesperson reveals the culture present in the firm and their ambitions for the future. “We always maintain our positive working atmosphere, because we believe that happy people provide a better service. “One last point is that we strive to create premium logistic services, by establishing a high standard of excellence that is based on simplified global networks within this fast-changing industry.”